AgricultureProfitable Low Investment Mud Crab Farming Business Idea

Profitable Low Investment Mud Crab Farming Business Idea

Mud Crab Farming: Due to the ever increasing population of the world, today we have to find sources of such nutritious food, which can make our body healthy and fit. A large population of the world today depends on seafood (aquatic food). Is dependent on, which is also continuously increasing.

With the increase in demand for crabs in the international market, the demand for seafood like fish, prawns (lobster) and crabs has started increasing in our country India too. 


In our country, people who are fond of seafood like to eat crab and fish with great enthusiasm. The usefulness of crab is not only for food but crab is also produced for medicinal purposes (making medicine).

The demand for crab in the current market is much more than its supply, this is because crab production is being done in very small quantities under the existing agro-based business in India. 

Besides, many skilled and efficient entrepreneurs/farmers also do not take special interest in crab farming business. Today in this article, we are going to share with you detailed information regarding crab farming business under agriculture business, if you want to start or are thinking of starting crab farming business, then this post is for you. It may prove helpful.

Crab species for crab farming (Seafood King Crab farming | soft shell crab | mud crab | crab claws)-

Before doing crab farming, it is important for the interested farmer/entrepreneur to know about the species of crabs under crab farming done commercially. Under crab farming in India, only two species are cultivated on a large scale-

  1. Large size species (Green Mud Crab) and
  2. Small size species (Red Claw)

Large species-

  • The larger species of crabs are called ‘Green Mud Crab’.
  • The average size of Green Mud Crabs is 22 centimeters and weight is about 2 kilograms.
  • Green Mud Crabs are used to living in open water, due to which many types of marks have been found on their body.

Small species-

  • Small species of crabs are known as Red Claw.
  • The size of Red Claw crabs is approximately 13 centimeters and weight is approximately 1.2 to 1.5 kilograms.
  • Red Claw Crab has the habit of living in soil.

Make an effective plan for crab farming-

To earn better profits by establishing any agriculture based business, it is important that the interested entrepreneur/farmer develops an effective plan. Crab farming business or crab farming is considered an easy farming, provided it is done in a planned manner.

To know all the aspects related to crab farming like- where to get the Seed?, effective method of crab farming?, consultation with the subject matter expert, in depth information on various components related to crab feed, harvesting and marketing of finished crop etc. Requires attention?

How to choose a place for crab farming?

For crab farming, a place is chosen which is covered with sediment or shallow water level. This place can be on traditional or artificially created ponds and reservoirs. Crabs like to live in moisture.

Therefore, they require a place where there is availability of moisture and water. Also, it is important to make the selected place such that there is no water leakage, because crabs can come out due to water leakage, due to which you may suffer loss in crab farming.

Apart from this, if you want to do crab farming in tanks etc. with modern method, then to rear about 2500 kg of crab with modern method (crab farming equipment) you need to make 25 X 25 X 7” high plastic tank. As the crabs grow, transfer each crab to a separate tank according to size.

Since there is always a fight for dominance among crabs, it is important to avoid fighting so that they do not harm each other.

Water quality in crab farming–

Oxygen (O2 )>3 ppm


  1. When rearing crabs inside the tank, it is necessary to provide oxygen to the crabs.
  2. It is necessary to purify the water of tanks and ponds from time to time.
  3. Crabs like to live under the rocks; hence it is important to use tile, gravel and sand in the pond/tank.

Where can one get crab seeds for crab farming?

For crab farming, you will easily get crab seeds/baby/chicks from your local fish market, apart from this; if you are not able to get crab seeds in your local market then you must contact the branch of the fisheries department of your area. Do it.

The rate of crab seeds/baby ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 500/kg depending on the size and breed. Apart from this, while buying crab seeds, especially female crabs should be bought in large quantities, so that in future you do not have to spend much on crab seeds.

At present, crab farming business is being done on a large scale in Maharashtra. Along with this, many nurseries and hatcheries of crab seeds are also present here.

Where to get loan in crab farming business-

To start crab farming business under agriculture based business, if you or an interested farmer/entrepreneur has to submit your business plan to any government/private bank to take loan etc.

Currently, there is no grant scheme available from the Central Government to start crab farming business or crab farming business.

Generally, there is no need of loan in crab farming, however, if you are thinking of doing crab farming on a large scale then definitely contact the nearest bank branch for loan.

Crab food in crab farming-

Under crab farming, crabs are fed twice a day. Crabs mainly eat meat. Therefore, trash fish, salted water mussels, animal dung or chicken waste etc. are given to crabs feed at a daily rate of 5-8% of their weight.

On an average, it takes 7 to 12 months for the crab to reach a sufficient size to be sold. The hardness of each crab is checked before selling. Because only hard shells are crabs sold at higher prices.

How is hardness tested?

Within about 07 to 12 months, the meat of the crab starts becoming hard, to check the meat under the crab’s legs is pressed and seen, if the meat is easily pressed then it is a sign that the crab is still young. Not ready for sale.

If there is no pressure in the meat then it means the crab is ready, now the crab can be sold.

Prepared crab for selling-

After a certain period of time, the crabs are checked for hardness and upon confirmation, the crabs are hand-held one by one and the dirt and mud is removed. After being taken out of the soil, they are washed thoroughly in salt water.

After this, the legs and claws of each crab are tied very carefully with a string/bandage. After tying with a string, the crabs are kept in moisture and sent to the market.


  • If a crab’s foot or leg or claw gets broken while tying it with a string, then the broken crab has no value. Therefore, it is important to carefully tie the legs and claws of each crab without damaging it.
  • Only live crabs are sold in the market , hence it is important that after tying the crabs, each crab should be kept in moisture to earn better profits.
  • The price of crab is determined on the basis of its hardness, hence it is important to keep the tied crab in moisture, and it is also important to protect it from sunlight and heat.
  • The demand for crabs is increasing in the coastal states of the country like Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Kolkata.
  • There is a good demand for mud crab in the foreign market and it is also increasing. Good quality crabs are exported to foreign countries.

Benefits of consuming crab-

  1. Crab is consumed to obtain protein; crab is a good source of protein. It reduces the risk of cancer.
  2. The amount of carbohydrate in crab is low, due to which the use of crab is beneficial for diabetic patients, because consumption of crab not only keeps sugar under control but also keeps blood pressure under control.
  3. Crab meat is rich in elements like omega-3 fatty acids, niacin and chromium, which help in reducing cholesterol. Due to which the risk of problems like heart attack can be reduced.
  4. Along with protein, crab is also a good source of Vitamin B12 which helps in increasing our blood cell count.
  5. By consuming crab regularly, one can easily get rid of the problem of unbalanced weight. Crab is also used to treat knee and joint pain.

Crab Farming Cost-

For preparing a pond of 1000 square meter size for the first time, Rs. 75000 and Rs. 40000 for preparing crops etc., thus the total cost can be Rs 115000. 

If the selected location is for rent then further variation in cost is possible. The crab seeds are main component for increasing and decreasing business cost.

Profit in Crab Farming-

If everything is done in a phased manner, the profit in the first harvesting of the crop is around Rs. 100000 along with this profit becomes double in the second harvesting because only Rs. 40000 is spent to prepare the crab crop.

What is the food to be given to the crab?

Crabs are fed twice a day. Crabs mainly eat meat. Therefore, trash fish, salt water mussels, animal dung or chicken waste etc. are given to crabs as feed at a daily rate of 5-8% of their weight.

What is the scientific name of crab?

The scientific name of crab is Brachyura.

Which species of crab has the most quantity in the market?

Mud Crab Species (scientific name Scylla Serrata) is in good demand in South East Asian countries.

At the end-

From the health point of view, eating crab improves our body. For today’s generation, crab has emerged as a protein and low-fat food and is being used all over the world due to its properties.

Our aim is to provide the best information to all the interested entrepreneurs, farmers and farming/agriculture lovers, so that they can improve their agricultural skills to the best and can also earn good profits/benefits by adopting agriculture based business.

Hope you must have got important information about crab farming from this article How to Start Profitable Low Investment Crab Farming Business, also… If something is missing or you want to ask something, please comment. Please write in the box. Till then-

“Best wishes for your successful Mud Crab farming” 

Thank you!


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