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Tyre Waste Recycling Business

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Tyre Waste Recycling Business: Waste has become a major threat and pollutant in many countries around the world, waste recycling business is definitely a solid positive initiative to live your Eco- friendly lifestyle. 

Tyre waste recycling is a business whose demand is very high but supply is very low because Tyre waste recycling business depends on components like processing, collection and management etc.


If you or an interested entrepreneur/businessman starts Tyre Waste Recycling Business as a side business or main business, then you can definitely get good income from Tyre Waste Recycling Business at the initial level.

According to a survey, after about 60 to 75,000 kilometers of running or driving, tyres become useless or are not considered suitable for use. The way vehicles are currently being used for transportation, tyres are no longer considered safe for use after approximately 03 to 08 years of being used up to their maximum capacity.

Since tyres are made of non-biodegradable material, they can typically take about 50 to 90 years or more to decompose on their own. As a result, unused/scrap tyres consume valuable landfill space, so it becomes necessary to recycle or recycle these unused tyre wastes

Various products can be easily manufactured by adopting tyre waste recycling business idea. Such as fuel, engineering applications, tyre pyrolysis plants and rubber applications (rubber recycling business) or rubberized asphalt, steel wire and others.

Recycling business possibilities and opportunities-

Today, as man-made waste is increasing in every area, its disposal has become primary and mandatory. As far as waste is concerned, there are two options for disposal of any waste.

  1. Waste must be completely destroyed (by burning or burying), which will pollute the environment.
  2. Waste should be recycled and reused in a way that does not pollute the environment.

Our common sense would choose the second option. So this means that starting a waste recycling business can prove to be a profitable business.

Also, with the changing times, there is a need to start recycling business because if the waste is not recycled on time, then tragedy is sure to happen to the earth on which we live and we ourselves will be responsible for it.

At the same time, if we recycle this waste in time, then this recycling business can also give us good profits. By 2025, the waste management market is likely to be more than 45.78 billion dollars.

Today there are very few people who know that garbage can also be a source of income. If you want to start this recycling business or want to get detailed information about it then read this post completely.

Through this post we will share with you “How to Start Old Tyre Waste Recycling Business?” will share. We are going to share complete information about it-

Where you will be given complete information about what components and machinery are required to start this business (Tyre Waste Recycling Plant) like raw material, machinery, registration, cost, profit and location etc. So let’s start the discussion about the emerging business in the future Old Tyre Recycling Business Ideas-

Products made from waste tyres-

First of all let us know which and how many types of products are usually made from tyre waste (scrap tyre business) and where and in which industries and businesses the finished products are used-

Rubber Granules– The first and largest product obtained in the tyre waste recycling process is rubber, which is used to manufacture the below mentioned products-

Steel wire (12% to 15%) is used in large quantities in these industries/factories-

  • steel net making unit
  • nail making unit
  • Other requirements in local market

Carbon black powder (about 30%) is used in large quantities in these industries/factories-

  • manufacturing of shoe soles
  • new tyre manufacturing
  • Making Runway Rubber Track
  • Road Construction
  • rubber based commercial bricks manufacturing

Pyrolysis fuel oil (45% to 50%)- is used in large quantities in these industries/factories-

  • cement plant
  • steel plant
  • glass plant
  • brick plant/factory
  • Boiler Plant, etc.

Where to get raw material-

Generally, those places are identified for collecting waste scrap tyres, where maintenance and service of small and big motor vehicles, bikes, cars, trucks and tractors etc. is done on daily basis. Usually, a large number of unused/old tyres are seen at these places.

Therefore, interested businessmen/entrepreneurs need to keep a close eye on these locations for tyre waste collection as well as maintain contact.


Interested businessmen/entrepreneurs can offer a fixed amount per kilogram or per piece (unit) to the managers of identified locations for collecting tyres as waste (scrap tyre value). By doing this, high quality and clean raw material will be easily available.

There is a primary need for large vehicles etc. to collect or receive the raw materials and transport them to the established plant.

Machinery for tyre waste recycling-

  1. Tyre Bead Wire Remover Machine- Circle Cutter (Price starts from Rs 3.5 lakh)- With the help of this machine, old tyres are fitted in the rim ring and the ends of the tyre wire are cut off by rotating them in a circle.
  2. Rims Separator (Wire Remover) (Price- Starting from Rs. 04 Lakh) – With the help of this machine, the wire part cut from old tyres is separated from the excess rubber, where on one side there is steel wire and on the other side there is side has extra rubber. The tyre rubber breaks and falls.
  3. Strip Cutter (Price– Rs 1.50 lakh onwards)– After circle cutting is done, the waste tyres are cut into long strips with the help of a strip cutting machine.
  4. Rubber Shredder/Crusher/Slice Cutter (Price- Starting from Rs. 02 Lakh)– After cutting the strips, they are put into the hopper of the Rubber Shredder/Crusher/Slice Cutter machine, where this machine cuts the waste rubber strips. Divide the tyres into small pieces. It is cut into small pieces/slices or shredded tyres.
  5. Waste Tyre Oil Recycling Machine (Price– Starting from Rs 24 lakh)– If you or any interested businessman wants to start a waste tyre recycling business (tyre recycling plant) on a large scale, then definitely invest in a waste tyre oil recycling machine. In this machine only the dirt from old or waste tyres are cleaned and filled.

On one hand, this machine automatically completes the recycling process of old or waste tyres (tyre waste recycling process) in a fixed time and on the other hand, pyrolysis fuel oil (which ranges from 45% to 50%) is obtained. On the other hand, other recycled products are also obtained.


  1. The machines mentioned above come in automatic and semi-automatic variants and different capacities, and you should select these machines based on the production capacity of the business.
  2. The price of the machines mentioned above may fluctuate due to market fluctuations.

Where to buy machinery-

You can buy the above mentioned machinery from your local market. If you are not able to get these machines in the local market, then you can also buy them online from the websites given below-

  3. or from someone you know.

Space required to establish the plant-

Starting a tyre waste recycling plant/business or factory requires at least 5,000 sqft to 30,000 sqft of space, where the installed machinery and processed goods should be completely covered or protected from rain and soil. The collected raw material can be kept in open space or inside a shed.

Also, the location of machines in the plant should be determined in such a way that the employees do not face any inconvenience in working and keeping the raw and finished goods safe. It is mandatory to have proper arrangement of electricity and water etc. at this place.


To start a business by setting up a tyre waste recycling business plant, you should choose a place from where raw materials are easily and continuously available.

Also, it is also necessary to have proper arrangements for transportation (purchase, sales, etc.) at your plant location. It is best if the place falls under a business/commercial area.

Power supplies and necessary equipment at the location-

In waste tyre recycling business, electricity connection of at least 05 to 150 kilowatt capacity is required for smooth operation of machines etc.

This capacity can also be ensured/determined on the basis of selection of machines, besides, it is necessary to have equipment like DG Set, Control Panel, Power Panel etc. to control and adequately supply electricity in the plant.

Where to buy-

You can get the above panels made or buy them from your local market. If you are not able to get these panels in your local market, then you can also buy them online from the websites given below-

  3. or
  4. You can order from someone you know.

Required Manpower-

To start a waste tyre recycling business, a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 to 70 employees are required, these employees can be managers, accountants, machine operators, sales persons, electricians, skilled laborers and cleaning workers etc. 

The selection of employees can be determined on the basis of the efficiency and production of the business.

Business registration-

It is mandatory for any entrepreneur/businessman wishing to start a small or large scale tyre recycling business to be registered with the standard certifications prescribed by the Government of India. These registrations are –

  1. Factory license
  2. Labor license
  3. MSME Registration (Enterprise)
  4. MoA of business
  5. Pollution Control and Fire Department NOC
  6. NOC of Electricity Department and Municipal Corporation
  7. GST number


Usually many entrepreneurs/businessmen start small scale tyre waste recycling business secretly without registration. Which is completely illegal?

If caught in the investigation, such entrepreneurs/businessmen may have to pay compensation as well as go to jail. Therefore, it is mandatory to get the prescribed registration done to start a waste tyre recycling business.

Cost of Business (Tyre Recycling Plant Cost)-

Before venturing into the waste tyre recycling industry, it is important for an aspiring entrepreneur/businessman to decide at what level he wants to start the tyre recycling business.

For example, the Government of India has set three levels of almost every business: micro, medium and small etc.

  1. To start a waste tyre recycling business on a small scale (micro), one will have to invest at least Rs 5 to 12 lakh.
  2. To start an old tyre recycling business on a medium scale, an investment of at least Rs 10 to 30 lakh is required.
  3. Setting up a large scale scrap tyre recycling business plant requires an investment of Rs 28 to 70 lakh. Where many products are easily manufactured through the recycling process of old tyres.

Loan for business-

Government of India has launched Make in India to promote small scale industries, you can easily get loan through Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana (PMRY), Skill Development Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana and Prime Minister Employment Generation Program (PMEGP) etc.

For this, you will have to apply under government schemes through the registration number of your company or firm. To take loan for small scale industries under government schemes, you can get the necessary information from your regional government bank branch.

Top Recycling Companies in India-

  • A2Z Green Waste Management Ltd
  • BVG India Ltd
  • Eco wise Waste Management Pvt. Ltd
  • Eco green Energy Pvt. Ltd
  • Hanjer Biotech Energies Pvt. Ltd
  • Tatva Global Environment Ltd
  • Waste Ventures India Pvt. Ltd

Are tyres bio-degradable waste?

Tyres become unusable after about 60 to 75,000 kilometers and need to be replaced for safety reasons. Since tyres are highly durable, they are made from non-biodegradable materials. Therefore, waste tyres reduce the importance of valuable space.

How profitable is tyre recycling?

Recycling of used tyres can be a profitable business because on the hand waste recycling business works to benefit the environment, on the other hand good profits can also be earned from the recycled products manufactured.

Tyres contain high amounts of raw materials such as steel, textiles and rubber, and can be recycled to make sports fields, sports tracks and even carpet and rubberized surfaces. Moreover, using old tyres as an alternative fuel to coal in cement kilns has become a high profit business option.

How many ways can tyre waste be used at home (best solution for old tyre waste)?

1. As a garden table or table For gardening lovers,
2. As pets in their gardening.
3. as designer stools for living room at home.
4. As living room and bed for pets.

At the end-

Our aim is to provide the best information to the interested candidates, businessmen, traders and businessmen who are interested in doing recycling business and looking for their future in this business.

Note- Before starting any business it is mandatory to do market research and consumption assessment. By doing this it will become easier for you to face risks and difficulties in business and you will also be able to manufacture your products well as per the demand in the market.

Hope you have got complete information about the business, business of recycling discarded or sunken tyres from this article ‘How to Start a Tyre Waste Recycling Business’, also… If anything is missing in this article or want to ask something, please write me in the comment box. Till then-

“Best wishes for your successful professional future”

Thank you!


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