Product ManufacturingHow to Start Gold Plated Jewellery Making Business Idea with Low Investment

How to Start Gold Plated Jewellery Making Business Idea with Low Investment

Gold Plated Jewellery making business: If you are looking for a profitable business idea which can be done both part time and full time, then choose great business idea like gold plated Jewellery can prove to be a good option for you. Along with this, you can easily start a business like gold plated Jewellery even from a small place (like home).

You know that the current era is a time of ever-changing fashion, in such a situation, most of the people prefers gold plated jewellery in place of original gold Jewellery such as gold plated bangles, gold plated chain, gold plated earrings, gold plated necklace and gold in terms of security. Prefer to use plated bracelet, gold plated anklets and gold plated manga sutra etc.


Gold plated jewellery is affordable in price and durable for a long time, due to which its demand is increasing continuously, and will remain so in the coming times.

Before coming into the field of gold plated jewellery manufacturing, it is necessary to understand the gold plated jewellery business plan deeply, because the first step of the business is to assess the growth and risk of the business.

Let us know what components, facts, machines and registration will you/an interested entrepreneur need to start a gold plated jewellery business? 

Also, what kind of strategy do you need to make to start this business and expand the business. But before we proceed further, let us know that-

What is gold plated jewellery-

Gold plating is the coating of gold plating on Jewellery made of any solid metal other than gold, and the jewellery on which the gold layer is plated is called gold plated jewellery. Let us now know what is necessary component to start this gold plated jewellery business-

Desired location-

First of all no need special big space is required to manufacture gold plated jewellery, you can easily start this business on a commercial level from a small room of your house. If space is not available at home, then 10 X 10 feet space can be found in the local market.

Necessary machinery and equipment-

At the commercial level, to make non-gold jewellery like gold plated, first of all the gold is converted into liquid with the help of chemicals, after this “Electroplating” process is done, this process is done by machine and carried out with the relevant equipment. Which are-

  1. Air coated metal rectifier 0.6V and 0.5 amps
  2. PVC/Fiber/S.Steel coated tank for Gold Plating with anode and cathode rolls
  3. Acid pickling tank MS line welded (2X2X2 inches)

Note- You can get the price of the mentioned machine from indiamart website. Since the market is a variable factor, price details are not mentioned here.

Chemicals required for making gold plated jewellery-

The following chemicals are used to make gold plated Jewellery on a commercial level:

  1. Gold cyanide salt
  2. De-greasing Salt
  3. HCL
  4. H2SO4
  5. Potassium Cyanide
  6. Buffing & Polishing Abrasives
  7. Gold anode (99.99% pure gold plate)


  1. You can take all the mentioned chemicals and machines from your local chemicals market or online indiamart website. Since the market is a variable factor, the price details are not mentioned here.
  2. If you are starting your business from home, then it is important to secure the workplace from the access of unwanted people and small children. The chemicals used in electroplating all come under the category of dangerous chemicals.

Business Registration-

Before starting any business, it is mandatory for an entrepreneur to register his business firm, because the first standard to start any business is to take registration. Only after registration you can promote your product in the market.

To register a business for making gold plated jewellery, you first have to open a bank account in the name of your company or firm, after that you have to apply for GST No. It is also mandatory to take; ISO Certification can also be done for the quality of the product. Even after these registrations…..

  1. Shop License
  2. Trade and Trademark License
  3. NOC (No Objection Certificate) has to be obtained from the pollution department of the district or state.

Marketing of gold plated jewellery-

After the gold plated Jewellery is ready, the most important task is to do product marketing. 

The best way for this is to contact your local gold (sunar) shops, cosmetic shops, bangles stores, beauty parlors and photograph studios etc., and you can also get posters etc. pasted at many places in the local market.

If you are starting your business on a small scale, then for publicity you can also publish pamphlets (up to a limited area) in the newspaper. Along with this, as your business grows, you can also resort to larger scale advertising (newspaper pages, magazine pages and digital marketing).

To increase the growth of business like gold plated jewellery, a venture like online/digital marketing is considered most effective, in which very good profits can be made very easily with very low investment

To expand your business online, you will have to design or get a website done, the annual cost of building or building a website can range from around 10,000 to 25,000.

Apart from this, you can also increase the sales of your product by listing your product on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Price Determination-

To sell a new product in the market, its price plays the most important role and it is a universal truth that keeping in mind the way inflation is increasing today, you should keep the price of your product so much that every section of the society can afford it. Classes can be easily bought.

Therefore, considering the market and inflation, you should keep the price of your product a little lower than other products in the market, but do not compromise on the quality of the product, due to the excellent quality, 

the trust of people/customers/consumers towards your product will increase., which can open new possibilities and boundaries for your business and can also prove to have beneficial results in the future.

Suggestion- You should start selling products at low price on your local market.

How is the value of gold plated Jewellery determined?

Generally the components evaluated to determine the value of gold plated Jewellery prepared by electroplating process are-

1. Cost of gold for plating (Maximum 1.5 grams of gold)
2. Cost of jewelry in desired metal
3. Cost of workmanship on the jewelry
4. Cost of electroplating process
5. Cost of pieces etc. in the jewelry

Loan for business-

To promote small scale industries, the Government of India has launched Make in India, you can easily get loan through Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojana (PMRY)Skill Development Scheme and Mudra Loan Scheme etc. For this, you will have to apply under government schemes through the registration number of your company or firm.

You can get the necessary information from the branch of your regional or local government bank to take loans for small scale industries under government schemes.

Preparing business bills and details-

Most of the new traders start a new business but do not properly account for the money spent as cost, which is not a good thing for a budding businessman. In today’s digital age, it is very easy to list your expenses. There are many software and applications available for this today. 

If you have a smart phone, there are many applications related to billing and accounting available on Google Play Store. You can use any one of them. 

In these applications, you can keep the details of your costs right from making bills of your finished goods, and with this you will know the total cost you have incurred in your business so far and how much profit you have earned.

Business cost-

To start the business of making gold plated jewellery, a small scale entrepreneur/ businessman is required to invest a minimum amount of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 02 lakh (GST extra). This cost of investment may increase or decrease depending on the choice of machine and raw material.

If you are interested in getting into the business of making Gold plated jewellery/artificial jewellery, then you must have searched many videos on YouTube, where some people try to mislead new entrepreneurs by giving half-incomplete information, which may cause you still not getting satisfaction… Well….

If you want to make your future in the business of manufacturing virtual gold Jewellery (gold plating) or in any business, then first of all you must get all the information about the desired business, so that you have to face minimal risks in the future.

Business Profits-

Profit! Which every entrepreneur and businessman aspires to achieve at the highest level, fundamentally the word profit is a word which gives a new inspiration to everyone.

Gold plated jewellery/artificial jewellery is a business that is always in high demand, the profit in this business keeps increasing and decreasing according to the price of gold and the status of the customer. 

A profit of at least 3 times the cost can be easily made on each gold plated Jewellery items/products in good condition.

Apart from this, as the scope of consumption of your manufactured product increases, your profit also increases on the basis of multiplication, even on a small scale, you can earn from 50,000 to 02 lakh rupees or more every month from Gold plated jewellery business.

What does 1 gram gold plating mean?

In the current market, the trend of 01 gram and 1.5 gram gold plated artificial jewellery has increased to a great extent. In preparing this 01 gram gold plated jewellery, 01 gram gold and 1.5 gram gold (gold) has been used in 1.5 gram.

How much gold is there in 1 gram gold plated jewellery?

The number 01 gram represents the amount of pure gold used in making 01 gram gold plated jewellery, whereas the number 1.5 represents the amount of pure gold in 1.5 gram.

At present, which metals are mostly gold plated?

It completely depends on the market demand. Usually goldsmiths/bullion traders use metals like silver, copper, brass and gilath/bronze (alloy) at the initial level.

How many carats gold plated jewellery is available in the market?

Generally, apart from 14, 18, 22, 24 carat gold plated jewelry/artificial jewellery is easily available in the present market.

At the end-

Our aim is to provide the best information to the interested candidates, entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders and businessmen who are willing to do electroplating jewellery and are looking forward to this business.

Note – Before starting any business, it is mandatory to do market research and consumption assessment. By doing this, you will be able to face the risks and problems coming in the business and you will be able to manufacture your products well according to the demand in the market.

Hope you must have got important information about gold plating/artificial jewelry making business from this article ‘How to start Gold plated jewelry making business’,

as well as… If anything is missed or ask something If you want then please write in the comment box. If you like the article, then do share it, for now that’s all-

Thank you!


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