Business IdeasStart Business with CNC Router Machine in 2024

Start Business with CNC Router Machine in 2024

CNC Router Machine: Hello friends! If you are in search of such a business idea, which can be easily made with huge profit by investing limited cost, then today through this post we have brought one such business idea for you.

And this business starts with CNC Router Machine. Router Machine, whose full name is Computerized Numerical Control Router Machine,

As you know, the present era is the Era of fashion, where variety of products along with high quality of products matters a lot. Today people spend extensively to make their items beautiful and fashionable. Be it the beauty of the body or the beauty of your house.


At present, almost everyone likes to install things like (metal or wooden) designer doors, windows, designer frames, marbles and railings etc. in their homes, because everyone has the desire to build the palace of their dreams.

In such a situation, CNC Machine provides a great business opportunity to the interested entrepreneur.

So the question is, what are the things an aspiring entrepreneur needs to know before getting into the business of designing/CNC Router Machine?, What is a CNC Router Machine?, How is a CNC Router Machine operated?

How much space is required to set up a CNC machine business? Business registration and what can be made with CNC Router Machine? To get answers to all these questions, let us start the detailed discussion about CNC Router Machine-

What is CNC Router Machine? 

Computerized Numerical Control is the full name of CNC, and Router means path running. It is called Computer Numerical Control Computing (CNC) Machine, but in common parlance it is called CNC machine.

CNC machine is a tool machine that follows the given instructions and the work of giving instructions to this machine is done through computer/inputs. After receiving the instructions, the equipment installed in the machine such as drill machine, laser machine, 3D printer, plasma cutter, electric discharge machinery are automatically controlled. 

CNC machine is a motor based equipment which is programmed to produce the desired design by following the specific input instructions given by the computer. The complete control of CNC router machine is done by computer only.

To achieve the desired design, graphical computer-aided design (CAD) software or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software is installed in the machine and the computer controlling the machine.

The CNC router machines available in the current market are all equipped with modern technology and systems, the equipment installed in each machine, after receiving the instructions, automatically calculates the desired design based on the design. Most of the equipment installed in CNC router machine is made of metal other than plastic.

Space required to set up CNC Router Machine business-

To establish Router Machine as a business, an interested entrepreneur requires at least 2500 sqft area. Also, before installing the machine at the place, the most effective strategy is to get a blue print map of the selected place made by a skilled architect. Since CNC machine is used more in industries and industrial uses.

Therefore, by making a map of the place, the machine installation work is done in a systematic manner, which makes it easier to mitigate business related problems in future. It is important to have adequate electricity and proper arrangement of electric panel etc. at your selected place because heavy electrical load is required to operate the machine.

Electricity requirement-

CNC Router Machine requires at least 5KWh electric load for efficient operation. This load may increase or decrease depending on the working capacity of the machine. For safe operation of CNC Router Machine, it is necessary to install electric panel etc.


For the safety of machines and electric equipment, proper earthing must be done at the selected place. Along with this, fire hydrant cylinders should also be installed at the place as per the requirement. Apart from this, business registration shop act. It is also necessary to get it done under GST and take GST.

Requirement of employees-

04 man powers is required for efficient operation of Router Machine-

  1. Only 01 man power is required to operate the machines, 
  2. 01 Man power (Marketer) for marketing of finished product.
  3. 02 man power for cleaning the work place etc. and keeping the finished product in order.

If you read this article in then follow the title- Start Your Business with CNC Router Machine in hindi

What is made with CNC Router Machine?

Basically the design making work is done with CNC Router Machine. CNC machine can work on wood, metal, Polyurethane and stones with great ease. The crafting tools of this machine can be used interchangeably on almost every type of material.

In the current market, you must have seen crafted doors, designer windows, frames made of wood and metal. At the commercial level, almost all crafting projects are made with CNC Router Machine.

On which materials can CNC router machine work?

With CNC Router Machine, work is mainly done on the following materials in large quantities-

1. Wood
2. Metal
3. Stone
4. Glass
5. Plastic and
6. Polyurethane foam etc.

Working process of CNC Router Machine-

CNC Router Machine works on both linear (rotary) principles along with axis (axis-2D and 3D). Modern machines have both types. For crafting on the material, equipment like crafting tools, laser and water jet are selected.

To create a 3D design, there are at least three axes (dimensions) – To create a 3D design, the machine’s cutter operates in a full 180°.

CNC Router Machine produces the desired design through three processes-

  1. Drilling
  2. Milling
  3. Turning

Cost of business-

There are many variants of CNC Router Machine available in the current market. An interested entrepreneur can choose any of them as per his requirement and working capacity. However, at the initial level, most of the entrepreneurs start their business by choosing wood cnc router machine.

How much is CNC router machine price?

The price of Automatic CNC Router full size Machine starts from Rs 5.5 lakh. Whereas mini cnc router machine price starts from around Rs 01 lakh. An interested entrepreneur can also customize and make a machine of the desired size as per his wish.

Profit in business-

Profit in CNC router machine business is determined based on the size and details of the design. Here the profit is determined on the size of carving the design on the material. Carving designs on different materials like wood, metal and stone requires the use of different equipment and different electric loads.

Who are the customers of CNC router machine?

Generally, the customers of CNC router machine are hardware stores and carpenter shops under B2B, who deal in buying and selling of designer doors, windows wholesalers and industrial products or goods.

However, some people also prefer to take the help of CNC router machine to get designs engraved on their personal items.

Can you make money with CNC machine?

Yes! There are a whole host of CNC based businesses that make money online by making and selling custom-made products with their CNC routers.

At the end-

Beautiful designer crafted products are becoming everyone’s first choice today. In such a situation, CNC router machine has proved to be a great profitable option for the aspiring entrepreneur. And anyway, the market of products prepared through crafting is continuously increasing, which indicates huge profits.

Note- Before starting any business, it is mandatory to do market research and consumption assessment. By doing this, it will become easier for you to face the risks and difficulties in business and you will also be able to manufacture your products well as per the demand in the market.

Hope you must have learned important information/things related to CNC machine and its related business or enterprise from this post “Start your business with CNC Router Machine”, if anything is missing or you want to ask or say something related to it. So please write in the comment box.

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“Best wishes for your new business future”

Thank you!


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