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Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business

Electric Vehicle Charging Station: In this era of rising inflation, the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing. At the same time, the price of CNG is also increasing. Meanwhile, electric vehicles have created a stir in the market. Along with this, people do not have to spend too much money in running it.

Therefore, from villages to big cities, the demand for electric vehicles is continuously increasing. There are plenty of e-rickshaws in towns, villages and small cities. In such a situation, you can start the business of electric vehicle charging station. According to the present times, this business is also flourishing.


To start an electric vehicle charging station, you must have an empty plot/area of 50 to 100 square yards on the roadside. This vacant space should be in your name or it may be on lease or rent for at least next 10 years. You know that there is no pollution while driving electric vehicles; hence their demand is going to increase rapidly in the future.

We all know that the earth’s resources are limited and given the rate at which they are being consumed, they will soon reach the brink of exhaustion. In such a situation, we need to consider those enterprises which fulfill our primary needs and prove beneficial for us as well as nature.

Electric Vehicle (EV) has been created with such a positive business idea. This has the capacity to fulfill our primary needs in the near future.

Actually ev charging station business model is our coming future and all the components related to it (which are a comprehensive business in itself) like- Electric Vehicle (EV) Spare Part Making Business, Electric Vehicle (EV) Model Designing Business and services.

Like- Electric Vehicle (EV) Repairing & Maintenance Business (Retrofitting), Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Business & Electric Vehicle (EV) Testing Business etc. are going to give good and huge profits in the near future.

And today through this post we are going to have a detailed discussion with you about Electric Vehicle Charging Station business plan. This is because now the demand for EV charging stations for electric vehicles has started increasing.

And anyway the first rule of business is that “Start first and earn good profits, if you start later you have to face tough competition.”

So, what are the things that an aspiring entrepreneur needs to pay special attention to, to start an EV Charging Station Business? Also, what are the necessary things and how much cost will be required to establish the Charging Station Business? Let us start the discussion of today’s topic-

Required Area & its selection-

The first component to start an EV Charging Station Business is the requirement of space. Minimum 2500 sqft area is required to establish EV Charging Station Business. This place should have been selected with such a special strategy that customers/consumers do not face any problem in reaching here.

It is important to plan and set up EV Charging Station as per the standards at your selected location. It is necessary to have at least 03 charging counters in a commercial charging station.


These possible places (wherever parking arrangement and Heavy Volt load electricity connection is available) can be- petrol pump, commercial building, shopping mall, high ways, repairing and maintenance center etc.

Cost at selected location-

RequirementEstimated Cost – approx.
Rent for selected location₹ 50,000 per month
Electrical equipment (separate transformers, cables, meters, wiring)₹ 5,50,000 (One time investment)
Station construction related work (civil work- depend on area)₹ 3,00,000 (One time investment)
Station Maintenance and Technical support team (like app and website setup)₹ 2,10,000
Brand promotion and marketingRs. Rs.50,000 (As per required)
Total (electric vehicle charging station project)₹ 11,60,000/-


  1. To install an EV Charging Station at the selected location, you must get its map (blue print) made.
  2. Pay special attention to accessible toilet facilities at the selected location.
  3. In terms of income, the initiative of selling primary food products at EV Charging Station or charge point.


Generally, an entrepreneur wishing to start an EV charging station as a business may have to face some potential problems. Mainly, if these problems are solved with a strategy, then a good income can be easily made from them. These problems can occur-

How to handle big crowd at EV charging station?

The most important role in public EV charging stations (electric car charging points) is played by the spread of the selected location. Meaning, to establish an EV charging station, it is very important to take cognizance of all the main facts (business plan) in advance and work on them. This can have a deep impact on business.

Although it is just beginning in India, hence it is important that the aspiring entrepreneur should focus on those facts while selecting the location, so that he has to face minimum problems in future.

Use of hydraulic based parking in spaces smaller than the prescribed standard can be a positive initiative. With the help of this mechanism, the business of charging station a large number of electric vehicles can be easily done even in limited space.

Is there any deficiency in providing better experience to vehicle owners/customers at public EV charging stations?

This is not completely correct because the mentality of each vehicle owner or customer may be different. However the vehicle requires some time for charging.

Meanwhile, to provide a better experience to the vehicle owners or customers, it may prove beneficial for the interested entrepreneurs to arrange a small canteen at their charging station.

While on one hand this will strengthen the idea of ​​providing better experience to consumers, on the other hand it will also create
a new source of income for aspiring entrepreneurs. This indicates high profits from business point of view.

Problem: primary vehicle maintenance facility at EV charging station?

Generally, there is no formal vehicle maintenance to address problems like vehicle wear and tear at existing public EV charging stations. To solve these problems of customers, deployment of 01 maintenance team on their electric vehicle charging station can prove to be very beneficial for the entrepreneur.

It is not necessary that the vehicle is maintained for free. An entrepreneur willing to maintain the vehicle can demand maintenance charges from the vehicle owner.

At present, due to heavy traffic, there are often dents or wear and tear on the vehicles, which almost everyone gets repaired. From a business point of view, this is a positive idea, which indicates huge profits.

Required electricity-

To start EV Charging Station Business, the first component required is electricity i.e. electricity connection. To establish public charging station business on a commercial level, you will need a separate connection (line) for heavy load.

Its load capacity depends on the capacity of the charger selected. To start a public charging station, it is necessary to have a separate line of 33/11 kilo volt (KV).

Types of EV charger under EV charging station business-

Under EV charging station business, mainly 03 types of chargers are seen in the current market for charging vehicles. Which are AC Charger (Alternate Current Charger) and DC Charger (Direct Current Charger)– AC and DC work on different types of electricity. Let us know- which charger works on which type of electricity-


Level 1 Charger (Low Speed ​​Charger)-

This is the basic charging device with slow speed. It uses 120 volts through an alternating current (AC) plug and is easily used on home circuits. It takes approximately 08 to 12 hours to charge a vehicle’s battery through this device.

Mainly, to charge the battery with this EV charger, it is left on overnight. Bharat AC001 (10 KW) – (Price starting from Rs. 40,000 per unit) and Bharat DC001 (15KW) (Price starting from Rs. 2.5 lakh per unit) are a Low Speed ​​Electric Vehicle Charger. This can be used to charge any EV manufactured in India.

Level 2 Charger (Fast Charger)-

The fast charger operates at 220-240 Volts and 200 to 450 Volts DC through an AC connection plug, which fully charges a vehicle’s battery within an average of 03 to 06 hours. All electric vehicles including hybrid electric vehicles can be easily charged with the plug pins of fast charger.

This charger can be used at commercial charging stations. This charger can be used in most public parking lots, commercial establishments as well as individual or commercial residences. Chargers falling under Level 2 are-

  1. CCS (50 KW) (Price starts from Rs 12.5 lakh per unit)
  2. CHAdeMO (50 KW) (Price- Starting from Rs 11.94 lakh per unit)
  3. TYPE-2 AC (22 KWh) (Price starts from Rs 72,000 per unit)

Level 3 Charger (Rapid Charger)-

Level 3 chargers operate solely on DC and are separate for each vehicle. At present there is no demand for it in India. Level 3 chargers are being used by renowned international brands like Tesla, Rolls Royce for their vehicles.

Which is a very expensive brand, currently Level 3 charger is not being used in the Indian market and even if it is being used, it is in a very limited range.

The Level 3 charger can charge the battery up to 80% in 20-30 minutes using a 480 Volt Direct Current (DC) plug. Level 3 chargers are not compatible with all electric vehicles. Level 3 chargers can be installed and used only in public charging stations.

Which vehicles can be charged at public ev charging stations?

1. Two wheeler vehicles– motorcycles and scooters
2. Three wheeler vehicles– auto rickshaws
3. Four wheeler vehicles– cars and small transport vehicles


  1. Electric Vehicle (EV) cars in India require 11 KWh to 90 KWh electric capacity.
  2. All electric vehicles (EVs) can be easily charged with Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.

If you read this post in hindi then follow: पब्लिक ईवी चार्जिंग स्टेशन बिज़नेस

Estimated Cost for Starting Public EV Charging Station-

From the business point of view, along with the cost of setting up the EV Charging Station Business, there is also the cost of the charger at the selected location. As per government guidelines, public EV charging stations must have at least three fast (DC) chargers and two slow (AC) chargers.

Potential Costs to Setup an EV Charging Station Business(Amount in lakh)
1Cost of selected location (see details above)₹ 11.60
2Station Charger Cost (Level 2 Charger – CCS (50 KW) + CHAdeMO (50 KW) + TYPE-2 AC (22 KW) (See Details Above)₹ 26.22
3Cost of Level 1 Charger (Bharat AC001 (10 KW) + Bharat DC001 (15KW))₹ 2.90
Total electric vehicle charging station cost₹ 40.72

Note- All the cost amounts mentioned above are tentative, there may be changes at the ground level.

Business Registration-

The Government of India has not directly prescribed any standard registration for starting Electric Vehicle Public Charging Station Business or charging point. This means no registration is required to start EV Charging Station Business.

But where EV Public Charging Station is to be established, it is mandatory to obtain permission from the Local Municipal Corporation, parking area permission (NOC) along with Fire Control Certificate and GST.

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Government guidelines for setting up Public EV Charging Station Business-

The following guidelines have been issued by the Central Government regarding setting up public charging stations in India-

  1. The Government of India has made it mandatory for heavy vehicles to install public charging stations every 3 kilometers in cities, 25 kilometers on highways and every 100 kilometers on highways.
  2. The Government of India has made it license-free for any individual to set up public EV charging stations in India, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Energy (Urja Mantralay, Bharat Sarkar) Government of India. Infrastructure requirements for setting up public ev charging stations or electric car charging points.

The following infrastructure is required to set up public ev charging stations-

  • Installation of transformers, sub-station equipment and protection equipment.
  • 33/11 kilo Volt cables and associated equipment for lines and meters.
  • There should be proper arrangement for all civil related work at the selected place.
  • Provision of land space/parking for charging vehicles and entry or exit of vehicles.
  • Installation of all charger models approved by local and international standards.

Electrical Vehicles Charging Station Business Providing Franchise in India-

Some of the companies providing services for EV public charging stations in India (electric vehicle charging station companies in india) are-

  1. Volttie – Noida
  2. Plug N Go – Noida
  3. Exicom Power System – Gurgaon
  4. Charge My Gaddi – Delhi
  5. Charge+ Zone – Vadodara
  6. EVQ Point – Bengaluru
  7. Tata Power Charging Station (EZ Charge)– Mumbai
  8. Dyna Hi-tech Power Systems – Navi Mumbai
  9. Fortum India
  10. ACME
  11. Loom Solar
  12. Ather charging station

What are the requirements for taking the Franchise of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business?

All service providing companies have different criteria and different facility fees for taking the Franchise or dealership of Public EV Charging Station Business (car charging station) in India.

Some of the criteria which are mandatory are as follows-

  1. The interested entrepreneur should be a citizen of India and the entrepreneur should be an adult (above 25 years of age), and also the interested entrepreneur should be literate (at least graduate).
  2. The entrepreneur should have his gazette and banking identity card (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card and Bank Passbook etc.).
  3. Ownership certificate of the place where the EV charging station is to be installed or if it is a rented place, then the rental agreement has to be provided.
  4. Providing NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Local Authorities.

Apart from this, there may be other criteria for each company, for information about which you can contact the contact page of the official website of the concerned company.

Benefits of setting up a public EV charging station business-

Establishing an EV public charging station business provides many benefits to the aspiring entrepreneur. For example-

  1. Today our country India! Moving towards the era of electronic vehicles or products. In the coming years, it will become necessary to replace vehicles running on mineral fuels with electric vehicles. This fact is proving that the demand for public EV charging stations is going to be very intense in future, which is indicating huge profits.
  2. The central and state government is also providing various schemes and subsidy services to set up a public EV charging station or home charging station business in India.
  3. The business of public EV charging station is a ‘Go Green’ initiative not only for our country Bharat but for the world. By adopting which we can free our earth from excess carbon emissions.
  4. While on one hand the public EV charging station business is beneficial for the world’s environment, on the other hand it is also a high profit business for the aspiring entrepreneur.
  5. According to an IBM report, more than half (about 57%) of consumers around the world are willing to change their purchasing habits to improve their environmental impact. This fact also makes it clear that setting up public EV charging stations is going to be a profitable business.

Profit in electrical vehicle charging station business:

Well roughly speaking, if you install a charging station of 3000 kilowatt, you can earn a minimum of Rs. 2.5 per kilowatt. According to this, you can easily earn up to Rs. 7500 in a day and up to Rs. 2.25 lakh per month.

After taking out all the expenses etc., you can earn Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 1.75 lakh per month from this business. Along with this, if you increase the capacity of your charging station then this earning can go up to around Rs. 10 lakh or even more.

At the end-

As time is moving towards the future, e-mobility revolution is coming rapidly. On one hand, almost all electric car/vehicle manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their electric vehicles.

At the same time, most of the smart businessmen have their eyes set towards startups like EV-electrical vehicle charging station infrastructure and smart charging, because e-mobility is going to be an important part of our future which is currently developing very slowly…

Establishing an evergreen business is always one of the best options from which good profits can be earned in the long way.

Our aim is to provide the best information to the interested candidates, entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders who are willing to do the business/enterprise of public ev charging station and are looking forward to their future in this business.

Note- Before starting any business, it is mandatory to do market research and consumption assessment. By doing this, it will become easier for you to face the risks and difficulties in business and you will be able to run your business well as per the demand in the market.

Hope you must have got important information related to the business of Electric Vehicle charging point from this article “How to start Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business”, also if anything is missing or you want to ask something, and then please write in the comment box.

If you liked this article then do not forget to share it with your friends and needy people. Your one share can show someone a new direction for his future. That’s all for now- stay connected…

“Best wishes for your successful business future.”

Thank you!

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