Product ManufacturingCow Dung Vermi Compost Making Business

Cow Dung Vermi Compost Making Business

Cow Dung Vermi Compost: The fertilizer produced from the feces prepared by earthworms is called vermi compost. To give good growth to every plant grown under natural method or organic farming, natural cow dung manure or vermi compost is used. Vermi compost is also known as worm compost and earthworm manure.

Today, the lethality of diseases has increased more than before, the main reason for this is that the food items we eat or are eating today, use chemical fertilizers like D.A.P. and Urea to grow those food items like fruits, vegetables and grains. Besides, dangerous pesticides are being used indiscriminately.


The biggest problem in consuming crops grown with the help of chemical fertilizers is that plants absorb chemical fertilizers for their growth.

As a result, elements of chemical fertilizers are present in every fruit, vegetable and grain produced by the plant, and when we consume food items produced from chemical fertilizers, it causes great damage to our immune system Works.

So what is the solution? There is only one solution to this, why not use such a fertilizer which does not contain any kind of chemical components and by using this fertilizer, high quality crops and food items can be easily obtained in crop production.

Cow dung is such a valuable ingredient that has the ability to completely eliminate the problem of obtaining natural fertilizer. Generally, the manure made by rotting cow dung is considered powerful.

But in view of proper disposal of cow dung, if manure is prepared by adding earthworms etc. to the cow dung, then this earthworm manure prepared is much more powerful than the manure prepared by spontaneous decomposition of cow dung.

And at present, making natural fertilizer from cow dung or making vermi compost from cow dung is counted in the category of a successful business. Which can be easily started anywhere and anytime with very low cost and good profits can be made in the initial stage. Anyway, at present the business of making fertilizer is considered a profitable business.

If you also wish to become a successful businessman, then definitely try your hand in the fertilizer manufacturing enterprise/business. If you want to read this post in hindi then follows: Vermi Compost in Hindi

Benefits of making cow dung vermi compost (Benefits of Vermi Compost)-

Although there are many benefits of vermi compost made from cow dung, but commercially there are two benefits which can be adopted easily to make good profits even at the initial level-

Collecting organic waste from households by charging (minimal) garbage collection charges which represents a positive initiative for waste recycling, thereby reinforcing the waste to wealth idea.

Creating limited space for proper management of organic waste materials–primarily preventing unwanted areas from becoming dustbins or dump sites.

Components required for making vermi compost from cow dung-

Under cow dung product manufacturing business, to make vermi compost from cow dung in a simple way, main 03 components are required-

  1. Livestock dung (at least 03 to 06 months old)
  2. Kitchen Waste (Organic Waste)
  3. Grow bags for preparing compost through bed method (minimum 15 length X 3 width X 3.50 height, scale is in feet)
  4. Shade Cover (for selected location)
  5. Earthworms for vermi compost (Eisinia and Eudillus type earthworms)
  6. Clean normal water

What is the name of the earthworm that makes vermi compost from cow dung?

There are two types of earthworms that make vermi compost from cow dung and organic waste-
1. Eisenia
2. Eudylus

Requirement of space for making vermi compost from cow dung-

To set up a commercial business /enterprise of making natural cow dung manure or vermi compost from cow dung, an interested entrepreneur requires at least 100 square feet of area space. 

Where the place for setting up the beds and the place for preserving the raw materials has been determined in advance. It is necessary to have arrangement for water etc. at your selected place.

Also, it is necessary to install the bed sloping from one side, this is because when compost is made by worms, some liquid comes out while making compost, which can be collected in a container. This liquid is called “vermi wash” and it is more powerful than vermi compost.

In how many ways can profit be earned in the vermi compost making business?

In preparation of vermi compost, two types of by-products are prepared, which are sold on the basis of market demand. These by-products are-

1. Vermi Compost
2. Vermi wash

Both the by-products are sold in the market at different rates. In fact, both these components play an important role in expanding a business like vermi compost.

Registration of fertilizer manufacturing business-

Entrepreneurs/Farmers who wish to start Gobar Products Manufacturing Business, to make natural fertilizer or vermi compost from cow dung and sell it in the market on both small or large scale or to make cow dung based products and sell them in the market on a commercial level, should register their business/enterprise. It is mandatory to register.

By registering the business, the government also provides facilities like loan and subsidy to start the business. To start cow dung product manufacturing business, certification has to be done with the following proofs-

  1. MSME (Enterprise Registration)
  2. GST No (Tax Registration)
  3. NOC (No Objection Certificate from Pollution Control Board

Process of Vermi Compost Plant Making-

In the present scenario, there are various methods of making or manufacturing vermi compost/natural cow dung manure from cow dung and the vermi compost making process can be easily started at any place. The best technique for producing vermi compost is considered to be layer by layer (bed by bed or layer by layer) and we are going to mention this method-

First round-

The first ingredient to make compost is cow dung. To make earthworm manure or vermi compost, the primary step is for cow dung to be at least 03 to 07 months old. This is because fresh cow dung is hot and contains a large amount of toxic gases.

At the beginning of the first phase, the first task is to arrange the bed/bag at the selected place. To make vermi compost, cemented bed or grow bags can be used at the selected place.

After this, if the cow dung is dry then it is necessary to moisten it slightly by adding some water. Also, breaking or reducing large lumps of cow dung into smaller pieces is the primary step.

Second phase-

In the first stage, after setting up the bed/bag, in the second stage, to make compost, the first layer (about half an inch thick) of dry leaves or straw/legs is spread in the bed/grow bag. (It is best if any dry leaves are used instead of straw/paddy straw, stubble/stem in the first layer.)

After laying the first layer, a layer of moist cow dung is spread in the second layer. Which can be approximately 02 to 2.50 inches thick.

After the second layer, half an inch thick layer of chaff/paddy straw/pale is spread in the third layer. Spraying water after laying each layer is a very important step.

After this again a layer of cow dung and then a layer of feet/bottom. In this way you can make a bed of at least 03 and maximum 06 layers.

After the last layer of cow dung, at least 01 inch thick layer of straw/straw is to be applied and sprinkled with water on top so that the straw/straw or dry leaves do not blow away in the wind but get set properly.

Third step-

After the compost bed has been laid, in the last step earthworms are spread over the bed. After this the earthworms automatically reach the place where they should be.

Before placing earthworms on the bed, it is necessary to put a shade on the compost bed. Because the earthworm that makes vermi compost is unable to tolerate strong and direct sunlight.

As soon as the earthworms reach their place, the earthworms start their work and within about 50 to 65 days our desired product “Vermi compost from Cow Dung” is completely ready for use.

On one hand, vermi compost is prepared and on the other hand, the water released from the compost, “Vermi Wash” is also obtained. This vermi wash is sold in the market at a higher price than vermi compost, which indicates higher profits from business point of view.

Method of making pit for vermi compost making in rural areas-

The size of the vermi compost pit is 10 feet long, 03 feet wide and 1.5 to 2 feet deep. Here, if the pit is being constructed by digging the ground, then it is necessary to spread tarpaulin on each surface of the pit, otherwise the earthworm can go directly into the soil.

  • Cow dung, bio gas slurry, crop residues, kitchen waste etc. are used in making vermi compost.
  • Such a place is selected for successfully manufacturing vermi compost in rural areas. Where there is no problem like water logging.
  • In 45-60 days, vermi compost is prepared from green waste and cow dung etc. by earthworms.
  • There is no smell during the process of making vermi compost.
  • Nitrogen, sulfur and potassium are found in vermi compost.


If you want to start the business of making vermi compost in the summer season, then sprinkle water on the composable dung every 7 to 15 days, because the earthworms that make vermi compost need moist temperature.

Use Neem leaves especially in dry leaves, due to the presence of Neem in the compost, other parasites do not grow. As a result we get good quality vermi compost.

You can mix the organic waste from kitchen waste by cutting it into small pieces and mixing it with cow dung. Organic kitchen waste makes the compost prepared even more powerful.

To decompose the waste and cow dung quickly, jiggery and curd mixed in water have to be sprinkled on the prepared vermi compost bed after 15 to 20 days. Here, 1 to 1.5 kg curd and 150 to 200 grams of jiggery is used in 10 liters of water.

Profit in vermi compost fertilizer –

If we talk about profit in vermi compost business, then vermi compost manufacturing business/enterprise is a good and long profitable business in every way. An entrepreneur can earn profit in vermi compost business in three ways-

  • By selling vermi compost fertilizer
  • tax on sale of vermi wash
  • Worm means increase by selling earth worms.

The price of vermi compost prepared by the above mentioned technology is sold in the current retail market at the rate of at least Rs 110 to 150 per kg.

Apart from this, the vermi wash liquid obtained is easily sold in the retail market at the rate of at least Rs 180 to Rs 220 per liter.

Also, when the compost is ready, the count of earthworms in the compost would have already increased. These extra earthworms are also easily sold in the retail market at the rate of about Rs 250 to 400 per kilogram of earthworm.

What is the difference between vermi compost and cow dung manure?

To make natural cow dung fertilizer, vegetable and fruit peels, leaves and grasses etc. are mixed with cow dung and then rotted. This process takes 75 to 90 days or sometimes even more to prepare the manure.

Whereas to prepare vermi compost from cow dung, organic waste is mixed in it and earthworms are left in it. Where earthworms convert cow waste into manure. This process is completed in 60 to 75 days.

How is cow dung compost made?

Manure is made from cow dung in two ways–

1. By rotting the cow dung and
2. Preparing vermi compost with the help of earthworms.
3. Read the post for detailed information on making vermi compost.

Which fertilizer should be put in pots at home?

Kitchen gardening/terrace gardening (home gardening) lovers mostly prefer to buy/use fertilizers which are easily available at low cost. According to a survey, the first choice of most gardening lovers doing home farming is vermi compost manure.

In how many days is cow dung manure ready?

Naturally, cow dung manure takes 75 to 90 days to be prepared, whereas vermi compost manure from cow dung is prepared in only 60 to 75 days.

What is found in cow dung manure?

In cow dung manure,

1. 50% nitrogen,
2. 20% phosphorus and potassium are found most.

Apart from this, all other elements like magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, calcium, copper and zinc etc. are also found in minute quantities in cow dung manure.

What is vermi compost price?

In the present market, vermi compost khad price ranges from Rs 8 to Rs 45 per kg. Its totally depending on the vermi compost manure quality.

At the end-

Our objective is to provide better and detailed information to those interested candidates, entrepreneurs and farmers who are looking or want to make their future in the field of cow dung based product manufacturing business.

Hope you must have got complete information about cow dung product manufacturing enterprise/business, trade or business from this article “How to start the Cow Dung Vermi Compost Making Business” , and also… if you want to ask anything. 

Please do write in the comment box. Also don’t forget to share… your one share can show someone a new direction… For now stay connected.

Thank you!


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