GardeningUnique Technique: Tomato Farming in Kitchen Garden

Unique Technique: Tomato Farming in Kitchen Garden

Tomato Farming in Kitchen Garden/Pot Gardening: Every tomato grown in an organic way is very beneficial for our body along with being beneficial. With regular consumption of tomatoes, it provides protection to our body from many diseases. 

Commercially, tomato crops are prepared in the fields, Where dangerous chemicals are used to protect the crop from pests and diseases, due to which there is a possibility of reduction in the beneficial elements in the prepared tomatoes to a great extent. 

To meet the growing population, farmers use chemical based pesticides and fertilizers under compulsion. So what is the solution?


If you are fond of consuming natural vegetables, then germinate tomato plants in grow bags or pots at your home under kitchen gardening or terrace gardening. Advanced tomato farming can also be done easily.

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And in today’s post, we are going to share with you detailed information about the advanced farming of tomatoes in pots under kitchen gardens or terrace gardens. Let’s start – first of all,

Benefits of tomatoes-

Eating tomatoes increases digestion power, improves liver, provides relief in problems like acidity and due to the low amount of carbohydrates, tomatoes are considered as an excellent food. Tomato is no less than a boon for diabetic patients.

Along with this, for those who want to lose weight, the usefulness of tomatoes is no less than a panacea. According to the medical research done on tomatoes, consumption of tomatoes also increases the immunity of our body.

However, tomatoes are seen throughout the year in the current vegetable market because tomatoes are also consumed in large quantities on priority in almost every household. 

The main reason for this is that tomatoes are used today in cooking almost every vegetable, as well as it is also very much liked in the form of salads because tomatoes contain calcium, phosphorus, protein, vitamins, fats and lycopene. There is a storehouse of elements etc.

Red-red tomatoes are nutritious as well as beautiful to look at and tasty to eat. Due to the sour taste, many products made from tomatoes are seen in the current market. For example, tomato sauce, tomato soup, tomato salad, tomato powder, etc.

The usefulness of tomato is being proved automatically due to its unique taste and medicinal properties. It is also very easy to do advanced farming of tomatoes in pots or grow bags under kitchen gardening or terrace gardening.

So what are the factors that the aspirant has to pay attention to in order to do advanced farming of tomato in pot or grow bag-

Tomato seed selection for tomato farming-

Today, many varieties of seeds are available in the market to prepare tomato plants. You can choose seeds of any tomato variety to get a good yield of tomatoes in pots or grow bags under kitchen gardening and terrace gardening.

Tomato plants do not thrive or develop well at temperatures below 10 degree centigrade and more than 38 degree centigrade.

Therefore, if you want to produce good tomatoes by planting tomato plants in pots under the kitchen garden, then it is important that you take special care of the weather and temperature.

Where to get-

Generally, you get tomato seeds easily from cooperative and private seed stores in your local area. You can also order online. On the other hand, if there is no seed stock in your area, then you can contact the nurseries of your area and take them from there.

Tomato sowing time:

Usually tomato is such a fruit which is easily available in the market in 12 months of the year. The main reason for this availability of tomatoes is the time of sowing of tomatoes. Tomatoes are planted in a year under all three crops Rabi, Kharif and Zayed-

  1. From June to July, crop period – 60 to 80 days
  2. From November to December, crop period – 60 to 80 days
  3. From February to the end of April, crop period – 60 to 80 days

Improved Varieties Of Tomatoes:

Common varieties of tomatoes are used for large scale farming (field etc.) under kitchen gardening and terrace gardening.

Although these varieties can also be planted in pots or grow bags and to a large extent, good yield can also be obtained, but in kitchen gardening, mainly hybrid varieties of tomatoes are taken. These common and hybrid varieties are as follows-

  1. Pusa Gaurav,
  2. Pusa Sheetal,
  3. Salena Gola,
  4. Brother-in-law Nabra,
  5. VL-1 etc.

Hybrid varieties of tomatoes-

  1. Himsona, harvest period – 60 to 65 days
  2. Abhinav, harvest period- 65 to 70 days
  3. Prabhat, harvest period- 65 to 70 days
  4. Pusa Hybrid-120, Crop Period- 65 to 70 Days
  5. U.S.-2853, Crop Period- 65 to 70 Days
  6. Golden red, harvest period – 60 to 62 days
  7. Arka Rakshak F-1, Crop Period- 140 to 150 days etc.

Soil preparation for improved tomato farming-

Under kitchen gardening, the most important role is played in doing high level gardening – soil media means soil of plants. Usually many of us do not pay any special attention to this thing, just plant the plants directly in the soil of the pot and get rid of it by giving some basic fertilizers etc. along with water,

After this, we wait for our planted plant to grow as soon as possible and start giving good fruits and flowers, but when the plant does not give good fruits and flowers, then it is said that the plant itself is bad. The problem is not that the plant is bad, but the main problem is that we do not have the right information.

Under kitchen gardening, the soil or soil media we need to grow plants in any way can be easily made at home. To make the kind of soil we need to grow a tomato plant, we need these things-

Normal fertile garden soil 02 part
cocopeate 04 part
cow dung / vermi compost 04 part
neem cake 40 to 50 grams
Stone Dust Powder01 fist
grow bag18 X 18″


  1. The stone powder must be mixed compulsorily, by mixing it, a lot of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen in the soil is filled in the soil, which is necessary for the growth of a healthy tomato plant.
  2. The quantity mentioned above is taken according to the size of a 12 to 20 inch pot or grow bag.


  • In kitchen gardening, neem cake organic fertilizer is especially used as a disinfectant. You can also use chemical fertilizers instead. But the question is whether you want to eat organic fruits or chemical based.
  • All the above mentioned components have to be mixed together according to quantity and prepare the desired soil. Only after this, tomato plants are transplanted into the soil in pots or grow bags.
  • For tomato plants to flourish in any season, it is necessary to have a pH value of soil between 06 to 07.

Plant Preparation for Tomato farming-

After bringing tomato seeds from the market, these seeds are planted in a disposable seedling tray or disposable paper cup or glass. To germinate or germinate from seeds, 50% ordinary fertile garden soil or coco peat and 50% cow dung vermi compost or leaf compost has to be filled in a seedling tray or disposable paper cup or glass.

Here, while transplanting the seeds, the pointed part of the seed is downwards and the other part is to be planted in the soil below 01 inch. After that water has to be given well in the pot planted with seeds.

After transplanting the seeds, tomato plants will sprout completely and come out in about 06 to 07. Who will be completely healthy and strong.

When the tomato seedlings become 06 to 10 inches, then the seedlings prepared from these seeds have to be transferred to the desired large capacity pot.


  • Do not forget to make holes for drainage before germination in the seedling tray or disposable paper cup or glass.
  • One day before moving the plants, cut off the mother leaf of the plant.

Tomato seedlings transferring to pots-

Once our seedlings are completely ready, then in the next step it becomes necessary to transfer the plants to large capacity pots or grow bags. To get better yield from tomato plants under kitchen gardening or terrace gardening, we should choose pots or grow bags of at least 12 to 20 inches.

After the selection of pots, the first thing to do is to manage the drainage in the pots. After that, the prepared soil has to be filled up to 01 inch below the mouth of the desired vessel and watered well and left for about 24 hours, due to which the soil of the pot will be well situated in the vessel.

On the next day, the tomato seedlings, which have sprouted in the soil of the pot, have to be watered well by planting 02 plants in pots or grow bags at a distance of 03 inches from each other.Also, your pot should be in such a place, where sunlight and direct sunlight comes throughout the day.

After this, you need to give only enough water to your tomato plants, in which the moisture of its soil is always maintained. Along with this, you will also have to plant long moments of bamboo etc. in the pots because as the tomato plant grows, it definitely needs a strong support. 

When the fruit starts coming into the plant, then it is necessary to give support so that the plant does not break due to the weight of the fruit.


  1. If you are planting tomato plants under terrace gardening, then I suggest you use grow bags instead of pots.
  2. After a few days of transfer, the flower buds appear in the tomato plant, then cut these buds and remove them. Otherwise, the tomato plant will not be able to grow and give enough tomatoes.

Cutting of tomato plants

You will see good growth of tomato plants about 12 to 14 days after transplanting tomato plants. Now starts the next step, in which we have to do the pruning of tomato plants. To get better yield from tomato plants in pots or grow bags, we have to do bungee cuttings. Now the question is, what is this bungee cutting or 3G cutting?

3G cutting of plant- 

After the germination of the plant, the third leaf that emerges from the branch, except the mother leaf, is called the third generation or third generation of the plant and in 3G cutting, the later part of the plant is cut, due to which the plant is left with leaves.

New branches develop from the mouth, and due to which the plant has more branches to produce more flowers and fruits. On the same lines, 2G and 1G cutting is also done.

Bungee cuttings of the tomato plant-

After the germination of the plant, the upper end of the main branch of the plant is cut. This cutting method is called bungee cutting of the plant. Under Kitchen Gardening or Terrace Gardening, tomato plants are not spread on the ground etc., but are grown above the ground with support from moments.

Bungee cuttings lead to the development of new branches at the cutting end which can be easily managed with the help of bamboo or any other supports etc. After cutting etc.,

Give the plant manure of vermi compost or leaf compost on priority. Along with this, if necessary, spray organic fertilizer to protect the plant from the danger of pathogens.

Note- Before doing any kind of cutting, make sure to sanitize the cutting tools properly.

Organic fertilizers and disinfectants

A good & effective organic fertilizer and disinfectant material that we can prepare at home very easily and at low cost. By using this, tomato plants grow very well. To make organic fertilizer at home, only three things is needed and that is neem cake, neem oil and mustard cake.

In 02 liters of water, about 07 to 10 ml of neem oil has to be sprayed on the plant and its leaves; you can use this organic fertilizer at an interval of 15 days. You can fertilize neem cake directly in the root of the plant.

Along with this, the mixture prepared by soaking 20 to 30 grams of mustard cake in 02 liters of water for 24 hours has to be given directly or filtered to the tomato plant only once a week. By giving this, a lot of male and female flowers come into the tomato plant, which after pollination turns into fruit (tomatoes).

To balance the amount of water in tomato farming-

When the tomato plants start flowering, then once a week or 02 times a month, give the mixture made from mustard cake. After flowering, the plant has to be given only as much water, in which the moisture remains in its soil. In the winter season, the plants in pots etc. are watered at an interval of 02 to 03 days.

Along with this, as the branches of the plant get bigger and spread, then proper management of these branches is the primary imperative because in these branches first tomato flowers and then fruits (tomatoes). The branches of the plant spread well on the roof etc. For this, bamboo sticks and bio net can be installed on the roof.

Taking care of pollination in tomato farming-

By now your tomato plant has developed to bear fruit, when the plant starts flowering then it becomes necessary that the flowers that have come are easily converted into fruits (tomatoes). The flowers of the plant turn into fruits only when the pollen of the male flower is fertilized by the pollen of the female flower.

Generally, the fertilization of pollen grains is done automatically by insect-sucking moths like bees and butterflies, but due to increasing pollution and availability of less greenery, the movement of these insects is very less in cities today.

However, tomato flowers are fertilized and those that do not wither over time and fall off on their own. Pollination of tomato plants does not require any special attention. Rather, there is a special need to protect it from insect infestation.

Plant diseases under tomato farming-

Basically most of the vegetable plants are attacked by insects that harm the plants, if proper solution/disposal of these pests is not done in time, and then these pests are also capable of causing complete destruction of the plant.

Insects that damage the plant also attack the tomato plant once. Usually some diseases are seen in tomato plants due to insects. Like-

  1. Whitening of leaves of tomato plant.
  2. The growing tomatoes turn black and fall off automatically.
  3. Yellowing of leaves.
  4. Netting etc. on the plant,
  5. Lack of good growth in the plant.
  6. The plant wilts as it grows.

These are some diseases which are especially seen in tomato plants under kitchen gardening or terrace gardening. The solution is that…..

  • If the leaves of the tomato plant are turning white, as well as if the growing tomato is turning black and falling on its own or a spider web is seen on the plant, then understand that your tomato plant has been attacked by insects. To get rid of it, you must apply insecticide (organic fertilizer) on the plant well once every week.
  • The method of making organic fertilizer (pesticide) has been mentioned above. Along with this, when you feel that the plant has become pest free, then use organic fertilizer only once in 15 days.
  • On the other hand, if the color of the leaves of the plant is turning yellow before time and the plant is not showing good growth, then understand that there is a lack of nutrients in the soil of the plant, after light hoeing in the soil of the plant, compost Mix neem cake in the compost and give it.
  • Along with this, if the tomato plant is getting withered while growing, then understand that the drainage hole of the plant’s pot has been closed, due to which excess water is stagnating in the pot. It is extremely important to dispose of it immediately or else the roots of the plant will get waterlogged and the plant will die.


If you have done everything step by step then in about 60 to 70 days your tomatoes will be almost ready for harvest/harvest, you can start harvesting/harvesting the first batch of tomatoes. Tomatoes prepared under kitchen gardening or terrace gardening can be harvested as per the need.

Tomatoes grown by a completely organic process are extremely tasty to eat as well as rich in nutrients; if you are a taste lover then you will love these organic tomatoes.


In how many days is the tomato ready for farming?

1. Himsohna, Crop period – 60 to 65 days
2. Abhinav, Crop period – 65 to 70 days
3. Prabhat, Crop period – 65 to 70 days
4. Pusa Hybrid – 120, Crop period – 65 to 70 days US-
5. 2853, Crop period – 65 to 70 days
6. Swarna Lalima, Crop period – 60 to 62 days
7. Arka Rakshak F-1, Crop period – 140 to 150 days

When are tomatoes planted?

1. From June to July, Crop period – 60 to 80 days
2. From November to December, Crop period – 60 to 80 days
3. From February to the end of April, Crop period – 60 to 80 days

Which tomato to plant in the rainy season?

Himsona is a variety of tomato which thrives well during the rainy season.

What fertilizer should be applied to tomatoes?

To grow tomatoes in an organic way, a mixture of neem cake and mustard cake (half-half part) with cow dung manure /vermi compost / leaf compost (03 parts) should be used with the remaining simple fertile soil (07 parts).

Which tomato seed is good?

Usually, hybrid variety tomato seeds are considered the best for gardening under kitchen gardening and terrace gardening.

Which tomato to plant in summer or how to cultivate tomatoes in summer?

To get a good yield of tomatoes in summer, varieties that grow in warm temperatures are selected. Also, tomato plants are kept in the shed under kitchen gardening in summer….. Tomato varieties planted under tamatar ki kheti in summer are-

1. Pusa Hybrid-120, Crop Period- 65 to 70 Days
2. US-2853, Crop Period- 65 to 70 Days
3. Swarna Lalima (Red Gold), Crop Period- 60 to 62 Days

Is tomato a fruit or vegetable?

In fact, tomato is a fruit, which is used as a vegetable. Like tomatoes, gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd and drumstick are all fruits, which are consumed as vegetables.

In the end-

From the point of view of health, eating chemical-free vegetables improves our body and preparing tomatoes under kitchen gardening and terrace gardening is also easily done after a little care. If you want to enjoy organic vegetables, then definitely grow tomatoes in your kitchen garden or terrace garden.

Our aim is to provide the best information to the entire kitchen gardening and terrace gardening lovers so that they can hone their horticulture skills and benefit from the organic vegetables prepared by them.

Hope you have got important information about tomato farming under kitchen and terrace gardening from this article ‘How to do improved tomato farming in pot’, if you want a tomato farming PDF then join our Telegram channel. Also, if you have missed something, please write it in the comment box. Till then –

 “Best Wishes! For your successful gardening”

 Thank you!


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