Product ManufacturingCattle Feed Manufacturing Business with Low Investment

Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business with Low Investment

Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business: Today milk is known as primary nutrition in the world because milk contains almost all the components which are necessary for our nutrition and growth. In order to provide primary nutrition to the increasing population, cattles like cow, buffalo, goat are reared.

To obtain high quality milk from these domestic cattles, giving them a better and balanced cattle feed is one of the primary processes. But most of the cattle farmers do not know whether the food they are giving to their cattle is balanced or not?


In such a situation, it becomes very important that the cattle rearer should give adequate and balanced amount of cattle feed to his domestic (milk giving) cattles, so that they can produce milk of high quality. This is where the usefulness of cattle feed is proved.

Assessed from business point of view, Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business is an evergreen profitable business. By adopting this, very good profits can be earned very easily.

If we look further, today there is a huge demand for businesses like making cattle feed and it is also a need of the present time. So today through this post we are going to share with you detailed information about the business of making cattle feed.

If you or an aspiring entrepreneur wants to start a cattle feed manufacturing business (Cattle Feed Making Business) or is thinking of doing it in the future, then this post can prove helpful for you.

Let us start and know what components and things are required to start Cattle Feed Manufacturing business-

Required Raw Materials for Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business-

First of all, let us know which raw materials are required to start the business of making cattle feed and where can these materials be easily obtained?

You can easily buy the raw materials required to start the business of making cattle feed from your local market. These raw materials are-

 Raw materialQty. 
1Maize- 20kg, Wheat- 10kg30kg
2Jowar-2kg, barley-3kg5kg
3Soybean husk3kg
4Urad dal husk3kg
5Moong dal husk3kg
6Moth lentil husk2kg
7Turmeric powder5kg
8Oil seed meal (mustard, peanut, sesame, cottonseed and linseed)20kg
10Iodized salt (rock salt preferred)1kg
11Gram husk5kg
14Vitamins A and D-3 (Liquid)0.2kg

Note- 06 types of major livestock feeding systems are adopted by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

Where can the raw materials for making cattle feed be supplied?

The raw material used in making cattle feed is easily available at regional wholesalers and retails shops of any area. Apart from this, this raw material can also be easily purchased online.

Cattle Feed Manufacturing business registration-

It is mandatory for any entrepreneur/farmer wishing to start the business of manufacturing cattle feed or Pashu aahar at a commercial level to register his business. Selling the product in the market becomes easy only after registration.

Apart from this, the business of cattle feed is linked to the life of cattle’s. Therefore, it is important that it is better to start the business only after registering the business. Cattle feed manufacturing business has to be registered through the registration prescribed by the Government of India. These registrations are-

  1. License from Cattle Husbandry Department
  2. Cattle Feed License (FSSAI)
  3. MSME Enterprises
  4. GST registration
  5. Shop Act. or Trade License
  6. Pollution Control Board to NOC
  7. BIS certification as per ISI standards

Required Machinery for Cattle Feed Manufacturing-

Commercially, cattle feed is manufactured on a large scale because cattle feed is a component that is consumed in large quantities on a daily basis.

The raw material used in making cattle feed is available in both loose and coarse forms in the current market. But if the interested entrepreneur wants to earn better profit from his product then he should purchase the raw material from the market and process it.

The machines required to process the raw materials mentioned above are mentioned below. Since there are always ups and downs in the current market. Therefore, changes in the prices of machines are possible. Machines for making cattle feed are-

  1. Feed grinder – Cattle feed cutting machine (price starts from Rs 35,000 per unit, capacity 100 kg/h)
  2. Mixture machine (Price starts from Rs 75,000 per unit)
  3. Cattle Feed & Pellet Making Machine – Cattle Feed Pellet Making Machine (Price- Starting from Rs 1,00,000 per unit, Capacity 900 kg/h)
  4. Weighing Machine – For weighing cattle feed (price starts from Rs 15,000 per unit)
  5. Cattle Feed Bag/Sack Sewing Machine (Price starts from Rs 10,000 per unit)

Where to buy-

You can buy the above-mentioned machinery from your local market. If you are not able to get these machines in the local market, then you can also buy them online from the websites given below-

  3. You can order from someone you know.

Process of Cattle Feed Manufacturing-

Making cattle feed or fodder to be given to cattle’s is a simple process… provided you/interested entrepreneur/farmer have complete knowledge of the raw material and its quantity…

  1. After collecting the ingredients mentioned above, they are first crushed one by one with the help of a feed grinder machine to make them edible for cattle.
  2. After this, the crushed feed is mixed together with the help of a mixing machine.
  3. After this, it is prepared directly or by making cattle feed pellet as per the customer’s demand.
  4. After this, the quality of the prepared cattle feed pellet has to be checked, this is a very important step.
  5. After getting the green signal in the quality check, the interested entrepreneur/farmer can pack his finished goods and send them for sale in the market.


  • Be sure to check the quality of cattle fodder because the life of cattle’s depends on it. For quality check, interested entrepreneurs should contact the local FCI (Food Corporation of India) branch of their area.
  • To make cattle feed pellet or cattle feed pellets, light water and cottonseed oil can be mixed in the prepared coarse fodder. (This is completely optional)

Types of cattle feeds-

Generally, even today, most of the farmers and cattle keepers do not know what kind of food and how much food is appropriate to give to which type of cattle. For example, how to balance the diet of domestic cattles to get higher production. In order to balance this, cattles have been divided into three classes.


With this, farmers/entrepreneurs can easily balance the diet of their cattle/cattles and strengthen the health of their cattles.These classes are-

Food for survivalDiet for pregnancyDiet for production
This category includes those cattles which need food for survival. (For example- bull, buffalo, goat and cow and buffalo which are not producing milk etc.)Cattles having pregnancy status require special diet because if special cattle feed is not given then there is a difference in production.From the point of view of milk production, dairy cattles need food or cattle feed with sufficient amount of nutrients to do both milk production and livelihood in a healthy manner. Therefore, cattle food is of utmost importance here.
How much feed should be given- It is better to give 10% of the basic fodder mixed with cattle feed.How much feed should be given- It is better to give 15 to 20% cattle feed mixed with the basic fodder.How much feed should be given-It is better to give cattle feed mixed with 20 to 25% of the basic fodder.

Required area to establish cattle feed business-

In view of low production, to start the business of making cattle feed on a small scale, you will need at least 1500 sqft area.To start Cattle Feed Manufacturing business on a large scale, 3000 to 5000 sqft area is required.

Apart from this, if the interested entrepreneur wants to start his business only as a distribution or dealership, then at least 800 to 1500 sqft area will be required.

It is necessary to pre-plan the location of machines at the selected location. Also, it is necessary to have proper arrangements for electricity, water and transportation (buying, selling etc.) at your plant location.

Manpower required in cattle feed business-

To start small scale cattle feed manufacturing business, at least 04 to 06 manpower/employees are required. These employees can be skilled labor, marketers, sales persons and accountants etc.

Similarly, if you or an interested entrepreneur wants to start Pashu Aahar or Cattle Feed Manufacturing business on a large scale, then 10 to 15 manpower/employees are required to start it on a large scale.


To earn better profits from cattle feed business, select the required manpower only after making a special strategy… This is because in the initial phase, a lot of expenditure is incurred on manpower.

Marketing of cattle feed products (Product Marketing)-

To earn better profits from the cattle feed/cattle feed business, it is necessary for the aspiring entrepreneur to market his product by making a special strategy.

After an in-depth assessment of the current market, one fact is clearly visible, on which everyone agrees. It is a fact “what is seen, sells” and it is completely true. Giving importance to this fact, the interested entrepreneur should market his product in this way-

  1. Before launching the cattle feed product in the market, all the formalities like quality check, sample testing, packaging of the product, benefits of cattle/cattle feed product, product In what quantity should it be given and it is necessary to pay special attention to the advertisements of the product.
  2. Entrepreneurs/farmers desirous of marketing cattle feed/cattle feed at the initial level can start by providing samples of their products to their regional/local cattle farmers and dairy farm owners.
  3. If they like the quality of your product, then understand that your business has started. Cattle farmers and dairy farms; There will be a huge demand for cattle feed products.
  4. Along with this, the entrepreneur has to visit such areas where a large number of cattle live. Availability of cattle feed can be ensured by contacting small retailers and dealers there.
  5. As the demand for the product increases, the entrepreneur has to keep trying to reach far and wide through advertisements of his product like posters, banners, flakes and pamphlets etc. Here the help of online or digital marketing can also be taken.
  6. Cattle feed manufacturing entrepreneurs must also take their products on online platforms, online platforms like India Mart, amazon, flip kart, trade India and others. Social media can also prove to be a better option for online marketing.
  7. Apart from this, taking orders and delivery of products can also prove to be a comprehensive strategy.


  • An aspiring entrepreneur needs to pay special attention to the branding of his product because once the brand name is on people’s lips, then people never forget it due to which they demand the same product again and again.
  • The most important role in creating the brand potential of a product is the name of the product. Which should be selected in such a way that people do not face difficulty in speaking and remembering.

Business Cost of making cattle feed-

If we talk about the cost of investment in the business of manufacturing cattle feed, it would be around Rs 05 lakh for a small scale including all the necessary machinery and raw materials, whereas for setting up a manufacturing business on a large scale, an investment of Rs 10 to 15 lakh would be required. will be.

Apart from this, if a rented place is selected to start the business of manufacturing cattle feed, then the suggested possible amount may change.

In how many ways can a cattle feed business be started?

Generally, in the current market, almost all types of businesses can be easily started at three levels on the basis of investment cost-

1. By becoming a product manufacturer (Manufacturer)
2. By becoming a manufacturer partner (Business Partnership)
3. By becoming a seller of the product (Product Distributor/Dealer)

If an interested entrepreneur/farmer wants to start his startup by becoming a Product Distributor/Dealer, then he will have to invest at least Rs 02 to 05 lakh to start the cattle feed business.

Loan for Cattle Feed Manufacturing business-

To start a business, you will have to register your firm/company/agency under MSME (Micro and Small Industries), through this registration you can apply for loan from any bank. Who can give you loan as per the assessment of your business level.

To promote small scale industries, the Government of India provides loans to cattle rearers/farmers under Pashu Kisan Credit Card under Make in India. Under this scheme, unsecured loan up to Rs 1.50 lakh is provided. Under Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme, loan is provided according to the number of cattles.

Apart from this, interested entrepreneurs can easily get loan through Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) and Skill Development Scheme etc. For this, you will have to apply under government schemes with the registration number of your firm/company/agency.

To take loan for small scale industries under government schemes, you can get information from your regional government bank branch.

Profit in Cattle Feed Manufacturing business-

Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business is mainly based on cattle feed formula. If the cattles/cattle remain healthy and healthy by consuming the formula prepared by you, and are also excreting adequate amount of by-product, then you can easily earn good profits from the cattle feed business.

Profit in cattle feed business depends on the type of business, selection etc. For example, if an aspiring entrepreneur; If someone wants to start his own enterprise/business by becoming a manufacturer, then the cost of preparing 01 ton of cattle feed/cattle food material is Rs 17 to 18 thousand.

Which is sold in the market at the rate of 19 to 20 thousand rupees (including all taxes). Even on a small scale, at least 08 to 10 tons of cattle feed can be easily produced in a day. Whose profit you can calculate yourself.

Similarly, if an interested entrepreneur is starting his business by becoming cattle feed supplier/distributor/dealer; the entrepreneur can earn Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 per month from the fixed commission on the product.

Useful questions related to cattle feed business (FAQ)-

At which places is there special need of cattle fodder or cattle feed?

Generally, cattle feed is mainly divided into three parts according to the current market. These 03 places are-

1. Poultry (which includes chicken, duck, quail, emu and all other domesticated birds)
2. Cattle (which includes cow, buffalo, bull, goat and all types of cattle)
3. Aqua (aquatic cattles like fish farming, shrimp, crab farming and others)

How much cost cattle feed Pellet Making Machine?

The price of cattle feed pellet making machine starts from Rs 1,00,000 per unit.

At the end-

Our country India! It has been an agriculture-oriented country for the last several decades, which continues even today. Even today, most of the population lives inside the village. Who depend on agriculture and cattle husbandry (especially domestic cattles) for their living-

At present, as the population is increasing… it is natural for the demand for primary products like milk to increase. To obtain high quality milk from cattles, it is necessary that the cattles be given balanced and nutritious cattle food… In such a situation, the business of making cattle feed can prove to be an excellent profitable option for the interested entrepreneur or farmer.

Provided that the interested entrepreneur/farmer should start his/her enterprise/business by thoroughly understanding all the information related to cattle feed (Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business Plan) and making a detailed assessment of the existing market.

Note- Before starting any business, it is mandatory to do market research and consumption assessment. By doing this, it will become easier for you to face the risks and difficulties in business and you will also be able to manufacture your products well as per the demand in the market.

Hope you must have got detailed information about cattle feed making business from this article “Start Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business with Low Investment”, also… If anything is missing or you want to ask something, please write in the comment box. till then stay connected-

Thank you!


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