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12 Unique Business Ideas With Low Investment [2024]

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If you want to be rich in future, then you should definitely come in the field of business. And anyway, all the top rich of the world, which are made today, are all made due to their business. So the question here is which such unique business ideas are, which can be started in low cost?

Also, these business ideas can also be easily made by adopting strong profits by adopting part time business ideas? Today, through this post, we are going to share in detail about some such bang Unique Business Ideas with you.


Before this, we should go ahead in the post, it is necessary to discuss some important things related to business life. So that you are able to start yourself and you can achieve the one you want-

  1. The most difficult problem in starting any business is to see the first step to lay the foundation of business. Often new and interested entrepreneurs have to face this problem. The solution is that you should analyze your desired business and make factual information, only then invest in business.
  2. There is a fear of having a business failure in business. At present, this is the most important factor that persecutes entrepreneurs who want business. The solution is that there is a need to pay attention to any business you wish to do, how to manage the importance and uniqueness.
  3. The biggest advantage of low-cost small business is that these types of business ideas can be started with a little money and can earn strong profits. Also, if the business is not successful, then the risk of your loss is also very low.
  4. While creating a business plan, prepare details of the cost of business cost, marketing and advertisement plan separately, so that there is no problem in making the business smooth in future.

Let us now go towards today’s post and let us tell you about evergreen unique business ideas, which you can start with your home with low investment (Home Based Business Ideas) easily. So let’s start-

Unique Business Ideas No.1: Catering Service Business-

In India, starting Catering Business is the most profitable and evergreen business. Especially for housewives (business for ladies with low investment) Initial investment is very low (business ideas with low investment), as well as there is a good possibility of opportunities to earn profit.

Catering Service Business is related to providing food services at the birthday ceremony parties, weddings, anniversary and corporate/commercial events. Along with this, providing arrangements for food/food items on entertainment site, office programs, hotels, hospitals and restaurants etc.

The possibilities of Catering Service Business in India are continuously increasing. On an average, the rate of 15-30% annual growth is estimated to progress in India.

The festive time offers caters to earn and expand their business as people organize parties during festivals. People invite their friends and relatives and recite service.

Along with this, another best opportunity to earn money in catering business is also Indian weddings, which is no less than a celebration. Food is usually an important aspect in the wedding ceremony, people spend a lot for weddings.

People hire caters to provide food arrangements in domestic and event events like birthday party, family and religious event and kitty party etc. Corporate events where food plays an important role also requires a skilled caters.

Catering Service Business/Catering Industry is one of a great unique business ideas making strong profits and starting a catering business in India can prove to be a profitable business.

Unique Business Ideas No.2: Chocolate Business-

The most liked chocolate in the world is a delicious food, after hearing the name of chocolate fans of chocolate, you start feeling mouth watering. Due to the ever increasing popularity of chocolate, chocolate business in India is a evergreen business, which is fast flourishing.

If you want to start a chocolate business, then Chocolate Business can prove to be a profitable option for you in view of the ever increasing demand. Provided you invest in the Business Plan of this Unique Business Ideas intensively.

Does any degree require to start a chocolate business?

No! Chocolate Business does not require any type of degree to start chocolate making business. Interested entrepreneurs need to understand the chemistry of chocolate, so that delicious chocolate can be prepared according to the demand.

How much cost is required to start chocolate business?

Chocolate Making Business Investment of about 40 thousand to 02 lakh rupees (which contains Homemade Custom Chocolate etc.) on Chocolate Shop. At the same time, the cost can be fixed at about 02 lakh to 05 lakh rupees or in the consumption of the product.

When is World Chocolate Day celebrated?

World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 07 July. Apart from this, Chocolate is the highest demand and consumption in Valentine’s Week, running from 07 February to 14 February.

Unique Business Ideas No.3: Hobby Classes-

We know that human nature is super creative. The example is all the achievements that we have made by manipulating our life beforehand and are also engaged in improving our creativity. In fact, the intense desire for creativity is the ability that turns into skills after a time.

Currently there are many enterprises that depend only on and only skill. You know that the current era is a period of increasing inflation, jobs are decreasing day by day, so why not invest in an enterprise, which can be started at a very small level and ever to do that enterprise Do not feel boredom (apathy)?

This is where the concept comes of small investment business ideas is “Hobby Classes”, which is completely related to Unique Business Ideas. In the present time, many such startups have come in trend,

which are completely related to skills, and also make good profits. In fact, Hobby Classes Business Ideas are fully counted in the category of low investment high profitable business ideas, which is one of the 12 months running business.

If you are also in the search of low investment high profit business ideas, then Hobby Classes the most accurate unique business idea can prove to be for you. Currently, there is a scope of many types of Hobby Classes. Which can be easily started under a roof. For example-

  1. Yoga classes,
  2. Crafting classes,
  3. Singing classes,
  4. Dancing classes,
  5. Painting Classes,
  6. Kitchen gardening,
  7. School Project Making
  8. Fitness Centers and
  9. Epoxy Resin Art etc.

Is it necessary to register business on starting business under Hobby Class?

Yes! If you earn profits from your Hobby Classes commercially, then it is mandatory for you to register your enterprise. To register, you should compulsorily contact local administration.

Unique Business Ideas No.4: Aquarium Shop-

A successful business always starts with a great Unique Business Idea. If you are in search of best business to start with low investment, then business plan like Aquarium Shop can prove to be an effective option.


Aquarium Making Business can be started easily at a low cost, as well as Aquarium business provides high returns (about 30 to 70%) from the point of view of profits. Currently, the scope of Biofloc farming and vertical farming is also increasing, due to which the demand for this business is also going to increase in huge quantity in future.

At the same time, if you work on Aquarium Business Plan by doing intensive research, then you can easily earn profits at many levels with Aquarium Shop. For example-

  1. Selling sweet and salt water fish, crabs and other aquatic animals
  2. By selling equipment installed in the aquarium
  3. Sell fish fodder
  4. By selling decorations in the aquarium
  5. By doing water treatment and
  6. Aquarium Cleaning Service also makes good profits

How much does it cost to open aquarium retail stores?

Interested entrepreneurs may have to invest from 01 lakh to 03 lakh rupees in the initial phase to start the business of Aquarium Shop in India. This investment can decrease on demand and supply.

Which registration is mandatory to open Aquarium Shop/Fish Pet Shop?

Shop Act to establish aquarium business in India. License, Animal Husbandry Dept. It is necessary to take NOC Certificate and GST.

Unique Business Ideas No.5: Acrylic Logo Art Making Business-

In the current era, the small brand adopts every type of effective marketing strategies to increase its product awareness. Which also includes many types of advertisements of the brand. Acrylic Glow Shine Board is considered much sustainable and attracted to the customer than other advertisements.

Acrylic Sign Board Design, Acrylic Wall Logo and Custom Acrylic Logo Art Making Business is one of the same 12 months running low budget unique business ideas, which can be started very low and also very good in this business see you.

Interested entrepreneurs require acrylic sheet (desired color), heat gun, super glue and crafting tools to create a custom acrylic logo art. If we talk about the cost, then the cost in this business originally comes to Acrylic Sheet.

The remaining logo designing work can be done easily in a manually manner. Taking the help of CNC Router Machine for secure cutting of Designer Acrylic Logo Base at the initial level is one of the most successful effective strategies.

What is the profit in Acrylic Logo Art Making Business?

Generally, profits in Acrylic Logo Art Making Business can be easily made from 25 to 50%. On the other hand, if the custom logo is worked as designing, then the profit can also be earned 80% or more.

High Profitable Unique Business Ideas No 6: Indoor Gardening Service-

For the past few years, the trend of kitchen gardening, terrace gardening and indoor gardening in India has been gaining momentum. While the plants purify the air of the environment, on the other hand, by commercially assessing, small plants can be made profit on many levels. One of which is a concept of indoor gardening.

Today people like to eat organic food, beautiful indoor plant more at their home. It is believed that in the morning, the mood gets fresh to see the green greenery in the morning, and the anger also comes at the same time throughout the day.

If you are in the search of such unique business ideas, in which you will never fail, then giving the service of indoor gardening can prove to be a successful Startup for you. Provided you adopt Indoor Plants Management Plan intensely. For example-

It is sufficient to have information about planting time of plants planted under kitchen gardening, terraced gardening and in indoor gardening, grafting of plants, cuttings, prounting, fertilizer management and management of plants etc.

In fact, domestic Gardening gives a lot to learn about agriculture, on the other hand you will earn only and only profits from your earned knowledge.

What is indoor gardening?

The art of growing and production of various types of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers and production is called indoor gardening in pots, grower bags or limited places.

What does gardening mean?

There is a process of growing plants in different ways and at different places/places, called horticulture.

Unique Business Ideas No.7: Event Decoration Service-

If you want to write/want your success story yourself, then the Business Idea of Event Decoration Service is the most great option for your startups. In the frequent changing times of fashion, people want to make themselves effective from others, as well as they are willing to spend a lot to do so.

For example, they are small events/celebrations which are no less than a celebration. But do you know that giving a grand appearance of these small events also creates the possibilities of many types of unique business ideas? From which very strong profits can be made very easily.

Event Decoration Service Business is a similar never stopping business, an entrepreneur interested to start this business needs to be skilled in decorations done at parties.

Also, if you can prepare effective decoration according to the budget of the customer, then you will make a very strong profit in this business very easily. Women and housewives (business ideas for women) take part in the field of decorations and then make this business idea their Startup.

It has often been seen that Creative Mindset never uses those components in which the cost is high and the profits are low. You need to develop a similar mindset as Event Decoration Service Business is one of the low investment unique business ideas and can be done by every person who holds Creative Mindset.

How much profit can be earned from Event Decoration Service Business?

At the initial level, the minimum can be made from 20% to a maximum of 150% against the profit cost from the Event Decoration Service Business. Apart from this, the profit also depends on the effective decoration made fully.

Unique Business Ideas No.8: Soft Toys Business-

The toy business is an evergreen business startup ideas. If you are thinking of doing your business startup, then this business can prove to be an alternative to great profit for your future.

One of the huge demands of heavy demand is one of the velvet toys business. Which can be started in 02 ways-

  1. Soft Toys Making Business- Manufacturing Sector
  2. Make profit by selling toys – Retail Sector

There is strong profit in both the startups of both ways. Apart from this, there is always uniqueness in this business over time. Due to which this business is first counted in the category of Innovative Unique Business startup Ideas.

In order to start Soft Toys Making Business, an entrepreneur has to invest about 01 lakh to 03 lakh rupees in the initial phase (home business ideas).

On the other hand, if the cost is talked about in the retail sector, then in the initial phase, investment of Rs 50 thousand to Rs 1.50 lakh is required. Profit margin is easily gained from the business of creating a soft toy, which indicates good profits in a commercial point of view.

Who are the customers of soft toys?

Usually, the primary customers of any toy are small children, but the primary customer of velvet toys is also a special youth. A large number of soft toys are exchanged as a gift to express love and celebrate the rage.

Unique Business Ideas No.9: Cleaning Services Business-

Cleanliness services have expanded very fast since the epidemic. People now take special care of the cleanliness of themselves and around them. Increasing awareness of cleanliness has created the possibilities of many such unique business ideas, in which immense profits can be made.

If you are in the look of small scale business ideas, then you can start your career with Cleaning Service Business. See! There are many such machines available in the current market from which almost everything can be cleaned.

The expansion of Cleaning Service Business in India is currently up to big offices, bungalows and bike/car wash, which is up to a very limited scope. This business is going to go to high in future.

What type of service is there in cleaning business?

Talking about Cleaning Service Business in a commercial point of view, in addition to mattress, carpet cleaning, office and house cleaning, service is provided from the pressure washing of bike, car washing etc.

Unique Business Ideas No.10: Interior Designer Business-

If you always have a desire to do something innovative with maintaining things, making things multipurpose useful, beautification of homes can prove to be a perfect option.

The interior design business can be started only with basic requirements, this is completely possible. This Unique Business Ideas “interior design business”, which starts in low investment, is flourishing in the market.

Although this business is seen to be a strict competition in the current market, but despite the strict competition, it becomes very strong profit in it. The reason for this is that the Interior Design Industry works at many levels. For example-

  1. Commercial Interior Design
  2. Sustainable Interior Design
  3. Restoration
  4. Production Interior Designer
  5. Visual Merchandiser
  6. Exhibition Designer
  7. Interior Decorator
  8. Antique Artifacts Restoration
  9. Event and Holiday Decoration
  10. Interior Landscaping
  11. Tiles and Stone Installation
  12. BED and Bedding Specialist
  13. Home Storage Solutions
  14. Lighting Design

Starting this business at a small level is considered to be the most accurate strategy, which you also get enough opportunities to expand in future.

Unique Business Ideas No.11: Custom Packaging Business-

In the current market, the packaging of that product plays the most important role to create a brand value of any product. In fact, the area of business idea like custom packaging has been untouched by many talented entrepreneurs so far.

If you are in search of low investment unique business ideas and are thinking of doing your Startup, then Custom Packaging Business can prove to be a Profitable Business Opportunity (entrepreneur ideas) for you.

Product Boxes Design of Custom Packaging has different types based on the product. Unique packaging is demanded at both online and offline levels. Apart from this, the construction of custom boxes also supports biodegradable packaging/recycling.

Custom Packaging is a wide area, which has immense possibilities of earning profits and can be carried out in many ways custom packing work. As-

  1. Corrugated boxes (corrugated boxes)
  2. Paper Board Box
  3. MDF Boxes
  4. Plastic boxes
  5. Poly Boxes
  6. Foil Bag
  7. Bottle & Cap Packaging Bottle and Cap Packaging
  8. Jute Bag Package

What is a good packaging design considered?

In a good fabulous packaging design …. it is necessary to have features-

Attractive- By customizing your package with color, design, logo, stickers, tape and tissue paper, you can increase the presentation of your product and make the entire package more attractive.

Unique Design- A unique design packaging that can give the product different experience from all others.

Feel free during unboxing- Unboxing should be effective as well as easy and simple. Also, the packaging box should be prepared from this process, so that the waste is minimized and the packaging can be recycle and used again.

Potential of Band Expansion- Custom Packing should be designed to conform to your brand values, in which branding materials such as Logo, Brand Color, Brand Quotation etc. are clearly displayed.

Unique Business Ideas No.12: Candle Making Business-

No matter how much the era changes, but candles have a different place in our life. However, due to the changing environment, there are always changes in traditional candles and market demand.

While the candles were used to remove darkness and glowing houses on the one hand from old times, modern candles in the current era also shine the houses and also support luxury fashion.

If you are thinking of investing in best small business to start, then Candle Making Business can prove to be a perfect and successful option for your Startup. Today, candles are being used in large quantities in actions in installing Candle Light Dinner, Meditation, Yoga and Aroma therapy etc.

Actually Candle Making Business is one of a low investment unique business ideas, manual methods require furnace, wax, pigment color, perfume and desired designs/molds to make candles.

The design and aroma of the molds is chosen according to the customer and the market demand. Along with this, candle plays the second most important role in business, its marketing and advertising strategy. Before entering this business, interested entrepreneur is considered to be the first step of making Candle Making Business Plan.

How much does it cost to start Candle Making Business?

To start a business of making candles, the cost is expected from about 20 thousand to 01 lakh rupees at a small level. Talking about the same large level, this cost can be ensured on a large scale on the basis of about 01 lakh to 03 lakh rupees or demand and supply.

At the end-

So these were 12 unique business ideas with low investment. Our aim is to provide better information to those interested candidates, entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders and businessmen who want to come in the field of business,

At the same time, a successful startup is willing to lay the foundation and is willing to reach his business from the highest peak by making a better strategy and also wants to earn good profits from his business.

Note- Before starting any business, make sure to assess research and consumption on the market/market of desired product. By doing this, you will be easy to face the risks and difficulties in the business and you will be able to expand your business well according to the market demand.

It is expected that from this article “12 Unique Business Ideas With Low Investment”, you must have got the necessary information related to the curiosities related to Unique Business Ideas, as well as … If you want to ask something, please write in the comment box. If you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and needy.

Thank you!


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