Business Ideas11 Evergreen Village Business Ideas | Best Village Business Ideas

11 Evergreen Village Business Ideas | Best Village Business Ideas

Best Village Business Ideas: Business today is not limited only too big cities, but in the present era, the business-like component has spread well from small towns to villages as well. Due to increasing inflation, due to continuous increase in competition in the field of setting up business in cities, many difficulties have to be faced to do own business in cities.

On the other hand, if we talk about the rural areas of India, then it is a bit easier to establish any business in the village than in the cities and also the chances of success of the business in rural areas are more than in the cities. And anyway, after COVID-19, most of the new entrepreneurs prefer to start their new ventures from places adjacent to rural areas.


In this sequence, today through this post, we are going to have a detailed discussion with you about some of the best village business ideas, which can be started in the village very easily and with limited cost, and whose scope is also in the village. It is also increasing gradually.

Actually, these businesses are those evergreen business ideas run in the village, whose demand never decreases. So let’s start, but before we start, what is necessary to do before adopting any business ideas? It is also important to know this-

What to do before adopting any village business ideas-

See, before investing in any village based business idea; you need to understand some points of the business deeply. This will make it easier for you to understand how to do business in the village and you will quickly move towards becoming the most successful business in your village. Let us know which those points are: 

  1. Try to test and assess the village market.
  2. Carefully assess the demand and consumption of the product among the rural people.
  3. Calculate the cost according to the consumption.
  4. Select a place where there is ease of transportation.
  5. Name etc. have special importance in village area, hence selection of business name  should be simple.
  6. Getting the business registered is the most important component.

By considering all these factors, you can lay the foundation of a successful business in your village. You can also start earning at the initial level.

Now let us discuss the evergreen village business ideas running in rural areas-

Diagnostic Center-

Pathology labs or diagnostic centers have become real profitable businesses in small towns. Usually doctors ask for medical tests of patients’ diseases like blood test, urine test etc. All these medical tests are done in a pathology lab. 

You can set up a diagnostic center/pathology lab/laboratory for all medical tests in your village which requires initial investment to start and lab license to operate. Loans/loans are also easily available through banks to start Diagnostic Center/Pathology Lab.

Once the Diagnostic Center/Pathology Lab is established, you can earn a good income for lifetime and this is a good income generating business idea from the village point of view. Along with this, the Diagnostic Center/Pathology Lab also provides an essential facility for the people living in rural areas.

In fact, the Diagnostic Center/Pathology Lab also comes under an emergency medical service, whose importance was most visible during the Corona period.

Fertilizer, Pesticide and Seed Store-

One business which can really flourish well in rural areas/villages (best village business ideas) is fertilizer, pesticide and seed store. You know that rural area is an agriculture based area, here farmers always need things like seeds to sow crops, pesticides to protect them from pests and fertilizers to increase production.

Minimum capital is required to start this business, along with some subsidy is also given by the government. If you know how to make chemical free compost (vermi compost) from local materials such as household waste and animal waste.

A good income can be generated from the business of fertilizer, pesticide and seed store. This business is one of the evergreen village business ideas, which definitely gives profits in the long run. So use the subsidy given by the government and start your fertilizer, pesticide and seed store business.

Organic farming-

Since Corona, most people have started preferring to consume organic foods (vegetables/fruits) free from insecticide spray and any kind of harmful chemicals. Due to which the importance of organic farming is increasing a lot.  

Under organic farming, fruits and vegetables are now grown naturally in most of the villages, which are free from chemical/toxic substances. Therefore, organic farming is becoming a very good and highly profitable business idea in rural areas.

Many have even left their jobs to start this profitable village business ideas – organic farming. On YouTube you will find many such entrepreneurs who have left their jobs and completely adopted organic farming.

Organic farming! It does not give much profit in the initial 02 years at least, but as time passes and the yield of your crops like fruits and vegetables increases by two to four and sometimes even up to 10 times. You can earn a good income by selling these organic agricultural products like fruits and vegetables.

Flower Business-

Apart from daily worship, the demand for flowers is highest in weddings, ceremonies and religious rituals. Therefore, starting a business as a florist can prove to be a good profit earning business idea for you.

To start a flower business you mainly need to consider two essential components-

  1. Continuous supply of flowers and
  2. Timely delivery.

Both the above components is an important component to make your flower business successful. A minimum investment of Rs. 5000 is required to start flower business in the village. Also, the cost of setting up shop/stall etc. may increase separately according to the local rates.

Mobile Phones & Accessories Stores-

Today mobile phone is one of the primary needs of every human being, whether that person is a resident of the city or lives in a rural area. If we talk about the most demanding business in rural areas, the business idea like mobile phone and accessories store is at its peak today.

There is less investment in setting up this business in the village because you keep only those items which are used and demanded. In rural areas, most of the people choose their phone keeping in mind the basic services rather than high technology. 

If you are looking for an evergreen village business ideas, then you can easily start a mobile phone and accessories store business with very short investment. To start this business, you just need to choose a place where traffic is easy. Haat Bazaar and Nukkad are considered the most suitable places.

As mobile phone accessories, phone cover, USB cable, earphone, mobile battery, charger etc. also remain in high demand in the village. At the initial stage, the mobile phone and accessories store business gives moderate returns,

But as you get older, your profits also increase with time. This business idea is an ideal business idea for such villages where there are few or no mobile shops.

Animal Husbandry-

Along with organic farming, animal husbandry like cattle, poultry, fish farming, goat/sheep farming and crab farming is also a good and profitable business. Investment in animal husbandry is mostly in buying animals and feeding them (animal feed) and keeping them healthy.

Along with this, if you do livestock farming in a phased manner, then as a result the animal husbandry business increases many folds, along with this profit can also be taken in three ways. For example-

  1. by selling cattle milk
  2. making organic fertilizers from livestock waste
  3. livestock sales tax

Animal husbandry business for villages is one of the best and profitable business opportunities that anyone can do. New entrepreneurs starting animal husbandry business with full enthusiasm need to carefully assess this business.

Anyone can start this business very easily with limited cost; animal husbandry is a profitable and good return business under the evergreen business idea running in the village.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business

There is always a possibility of developing many manufacturing business in the village , which can be started from a small level and earn huge profit. Here we are discussing those products, for the manufacture of which the raw material is easily available in the village.

Like disposable paper cups, plates, paper bags etc. made from agriculture waste (rice straw, sugarcane bagasse) can be a good business idea as these products are always in high demand in the market.

Like mat making, handmade papad making, jiggery making and many more. Setting up small-scale manufacturing businesses in villages does not require large investment,

Much of the capital is invested in cheap raw materials and resources such as machinery that are readily available with loans and subsidies. You can arrange or get raw materials arranged with the help of farmers group.

Products made from handloom and agricultural waste can be sold at shops in nearby cities. Apart from daily use, these products are also in high demand for wedding functions and parties as well as in many big/large scales of restaurants.

For any village based business to flourish, one factor is most important and that is timely delivery of the manufactured product.

Cold Storage Business-

Cold storage is the best village business ideas. Generally, due to lack of cold storage facilities in rural areas, most of the fresh vegetables and fruits get spoiled easily and the farmers have to bear the loss after their hard work/harvest.

In such a situation, the facility of cold storage can actually prove to be very beneficial for the villagers living in villages. So that whatever is grown by them can be preserved for a long period.

To establish a cold storage for the purpose of preserving agricultural products, a little more capital investment is required at the initial level; to establish it you can also take a loan from any government or private bank.

Also read- How to cultivate dragon fruit

In a business idea that provides cold storage facility, getting returns is fixed, if you want to make good income from cold storage business then establish only large scale cold storage. So, that you can earn good profits by preserving agricultural products on a large scale.

Establish Educational Institutions-

Startup schools and colleges anywhere is one of the profitable and successful businesses if the education you provide is of quality then surely you can get really lot of income from your educational institution.

In the present era, you must be seeing that education is considered as a business component. In such a situation, if you help in expanding quality education in the village, then you will earn profit while sitting.

Most banks also provide easy loans for startup educational institutions (for building schools or colleges) in the village and once established, you can enjoy a good return on your investment throughout your life.

If seen, setting up an education center under village business ideas is one of the most successful ventures and there is a need for a quality educational institution in the current era.

What are the facts that I need to pay attention to for opening a business or setting up an enterprise in the village?

To make the enterprise/business you are starting successful, first of all business registration and permit is required. Apart from this, it is also an important step to do a deep research on the market and understand the components like marketing and advertising on the basis of demand.

Skill Development Center-

Along with educational institutions in the villages, the need for skill development centers is also increasing now. In skill development classes, apart from redressing the problems of local components, work is done on those components, so that the income of the villagers can be increased.

The Skill Development Center aims to develop the abilities of the villagers at a high level by providing them training on how to manufacture products at a commercial level, as well as how to sell those manufactured products in the market.

This may include training in manufacturing products from agricultural waste besides making jute bags and food items like pickles, jams or packaged snacks like millet powder and noodles etc. from agricultural products.

If you really have the ability to teach skills, then you can teach the skills of making such things to youths, women and men living in rural areas, so that they can show the right direction to their lives.

Since this business also comes under social service, you can charge the minimum training fee per participant in exchange for teaching skills.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ.)

What are the most popular village business ideas?

Generally, profits can be earned by setting up almost every type of business in villages. As per the current trending business ideas in the village are-

Food Delivery Services (Catering Business), Marketing and Advertising Business, Handyman Services, Home Organizing Services, Pet Services, Home Construction/Inspection/Repair Services, Event Planning manufacturing, retail boutiques and tuition services etc.

What are the facilities available from the government to start a business in the village?

These include grants, loans, cooperative programs, venture capital and mentorship programs by local bodies, state governments and central governments to set up businesses/enterprises in villages.

What are the challenges I might face while starting a business in the village?

Be it village or city, almost every businessman /entrepreneur has to face challenges like difficulty in finding customers, limited resources and competition from big companies in the initial stage of business.

Is it difficult to get funding for doing business startups in the village?

No! Funding can be easily obtained by Government of India through Startup India, Standup India, Mudra loan scheme and PMEGP schemes, to get funding you have to make a detailed business plan of your enterprise and approach any government or private bank is required.

Can social media be a good marketing strategy for village business?

It depends whether the consumption of the product manufactured by you is more in the village or the city. However, after the revolution in internet, internet consumption has increased significantly in villages also. At the initial level, marketing must be done under social media and Google My Business.

This provides a great opportunity to build brand awareness and connect with potential customers. Using targeted engaging ads helps increase product sales and build relationships with customers.

Selling goods by setting up stall-

You know that earning money in business is everyone’s only goal. In comparison to other countries of the world, maximum numbers of festivals are celebrated in India. In these festivals, buying and selling of goods is mostly done by setting up stalls.

In fact, setting up a stall is a way of expanding your business, in which the cost is very low and the profit is very high. Selling goods by setting up a stall as a city business idea or village business idea is a profitable evergreen business idea for everyone.

The costs of setting up a stall are nominal and momentary, while profits are high and volatile. From a commercial point of view, the business idea of ​​selling goods by setting up a stall is the most successful and effective marketing strategy.

At the end-

Our aim is to provide the best information to those aspiring candidates, entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders and businessmen who want to take their business to higher and higher heights by making a better strategy for their business and get better results from their product or service. Want to earn profit also.

Note- Before starting any business/marketing/advertising, it is mandatory to assess the market/market research and availability of the desired business. By doing this, it will be easier for your business to face the risks and problems and on the basis of the research done; you will also be able to expand your business well as per the demand.

We hope that this article “Village based Evergreen Business Ideas” would have provided solutions to the questions related to setting up your own enterprise in the village and village business ideas and information related to startup, and also…

If you want to ask something, please comment in the comment box. Must write in If you liked the article then do not forget to share it with your friends and needy people. That’s it for now-

Thank you!


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