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How to Start Notebook Making Business with Low Investment [2024]

Notebook Making Business: Notebook is a resource on which important tasks like writing, drawing and reading are done, notebook which is also known in common language as copy, register, spiral, scrap and drawing book and notebook. Notebook making business comes under Stationery Products business ideas.

In the current market, notebooks are easily available in different sizes and colors. Apart from writing work, notebooks are also used for purposes like making short notes.


At every level of the society, where writing, study and reading etc. work is done, notebooks are used on top priority. When assessed from a business mind-setit becomes completely clear that notebook manufacturing business is an evergreen business with high profits.

Because the demand for notebooks always remains in the market and the most important thing is that there is never a recession in the notebook business because a product like notebook is one of the primary products for successful completion of teaching work.

So now the question arises that if you or any other interested businessman/ entrepreneur wants to establish your own business (notebook making business), then what things, components, material, machinery and registration will be required?

Future entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders are requested to deeply understand the desired enterprise Notebook making business plan and product consumption in the market before starting notebook manufacturing business/notebook making factory setup or starting any business or enterprise, after that make any kind of investment. 

To establish a successful business and become a successful entrepreneur/businessman, it is important to stay away from misleading information… Let us now start our detailed discussion on today’s topic notebook making business-

Raw Material for notebook making business-

Generally, in the current market, the types of notebooks seen today like copy, register etc., for example, many types of plain and lined papers are used for writing work and designer papers are used for covering.

Specifically, for manufacturing or making copies of notebooks, the following raw materials are required; these raw materials are purchased on the basis of kilos-

  1. Dista Paper Roll (50 to 200 GSM)
  2. Notebook Cover Roll (200 GSM)
  3. Other materials (staple pins, glue, etc…)
  4. Packing material

Machinery for Notebook Making Business-

To establish a notebook manufacturing business, an aspiring entrepreneur requires notebook making machinery. These machinery (notebook manufacturing machine price) are-

  • Stitching Machine (Pin up Machine) – Price starts from Rs 27,000 per unit
  • Edge Squaring Machine – Price starts from Rs 1.5 lakh per unit
  • Paper Folding Machine – Price starts from Rs 75,000 per unit
  • Paper Cutting Machine – Paper cutting work can be done with edge squaring machine with slight modifications.
  • Shrink Packing Machine – Price starts from Rs 50,000 per unit


  1. Choose machines according to the efficiency of production.
  2. The prices mentioned above are subject to change due to market fluctuations.

Where to buy-

First of all, you should search your local market for raw material to be taken under Notebook Making Business, because availability of raw material is very important in notebook making business. If raw material is not available in your local market then you can move towards online or industrial areas of the country.

Commercially, the raw material and machinery used for making notebooks under Notebook manufacturing business is easily available in big cities like Industrial/Commercial areas like Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat etc.

Along with this, raw materials can also be easily purchased online. To buy online you can visit the website given below-


You Can Read this Post also in Hindi – नोटबुक बनाने का कारोबार

Training for Notebook Making-

No special training is required to make notebooks from raw material because the entire work of making notebooks is done by completely automatic machines. And from where you will purchase the machinery etc., you are provided with the complete information and necessary training on the complete method of making notebooks.

Notebook making process-

The process of making notebooks is a very simple process, once you see the machines operating and understand the working systems of the machines, notebooks can be easily made by any skilled worker or entrepreneur himself. Notebook creation is accomplished in 03 steps-

First step-

  • First of all, to prepare a notebook (copy, register etc.) of the desired size and shape, the pages of that notebook are selected and folded.
  • After this, to prepare the notebook (copy, register etc.) of the selected pages, the cover of that notebook is placed at the bottom (on the upper part) of the pages.
  • After the binding of pages and notebook is ready, both are pinned together using Pin up Machine. It is important to pay special attention to pin-up work at the initial level.

Second step-

  • After being pinned, the finished notebook is folded with the help of Paper Folding Machine.
  • After folding is done, the finished notebook needs finishing. In finishing the notebook, the extra paper is cut off with the help of Edge Squaring Machine.
  • After edge squaring is done, the notebook is cut into the desired or prescribed size with the help of Paper Cutting Machine.
  • After cutting and finishing, the finished notebook comes in a size suitable for selling in the market which can be used.

Third step-

  • In the third stage, the finished notebooks are bulk packed or shrink packed at the rate of a dozen with the help of Shrink Packing Machine and sent to the market for sale.
  • Here many small offers of related products like pencils, rubber or geometry instruments etc. can be given in packing done at the rate of dozen. These small offers can prove to be a beneficial option in terms of marketing.

Notebook Making Business Registration-

The first standard for starting any business is registration. After registration you can start promoting and spreading your product in the market. To register for Notebook Business License, you are required to obtain certification from the authorities prescribed by the Government of India (GOI). These certifications are-

  1. MSME License
  2. GST Registration
  3. Trade License
  4. Trade Mark (If Required)
  5. NOC (State Pollution Control Board)

Required Place to set up notebook manufacturing business-

To start a factory for Notebook making business, at least 1,000 square feet of space is required, where the plant has at least 700 square feet of area completely covered from dust, rain, soil and pollution. It is necessary to be covered or protected. 

Also, the locations of the machines in the plant should be determined in such a way that there is no inconvenience to the employees in working and keeping the raw and finished goods safe. It is a primary requirement to have proper arrangement for electricity etc. at this work place/area.


To start notebook manufacturing business, you should choose such a place from where raw material can be easily and continuously available. Also, it is necessary to have proper arrangements for transportation (buying, selling etc.) at your plant location. If this place comes under any commercial area then it is best.

Require Electricity at the location-

In the business of making notebooks commercially, an electricity connection of at least 02 to 10 KW capacity is required for the smooth operation of machines etc. (This capacity may increase or decrease depending on the selection of machines.)

Required Manpower in Notebook Manufacturing Business-

Generally, every small or big scale manufacturing business requires manpower or employees. To start a Notebook Making Business or enterprise/business commercially, at least 03 to 07 employees /manpower are required. These employees can be managers, salesmen, labor, cleaning workers etc.

Marketing of notebook product (Marketing in Notebook Business)-

In the notebook business, there is no special need for marketing of products like notebooks, provided the quality of the manufactured product is good. Due to its excellent quality, notebooks are easily sold in the market.

Yes, if an interested entrepreneur/businessman wants to compete with the notebook products already present in the market, then marketing the manufactured notebooks becomes necessary.

At the initial stage, promotion has to be done keeping in mind such places and those customers who use notebooks in maximum quantity, and before doing marketing, the interested entrepreneur/businessman must ensure that his potential consumers/which age group do the customers come from?

Total Business Cost in Notebook Manufacturing-

The cost of small scale notebook manufacturing business or notebook product manufacturing business comes to at least Rs 02 to 05 lakh, which does not include the cost of the location selected for setting up the business.

Similarly, if you want to start the notebook making business on a medium to large scale, then at least Rs 12 to 30 lakh will be required to set up a notebook making business plant on a large scale, in which if the selected place is for rent, then There may be partial change in cost. 

Loan for Starting Notebook Making Business-

To promote small scale industries, the Government of India has launched Make in India, you can easily get loan through Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan SchemePradhan Mantri Employment Scheme (PMEGP) etc.

For this, you will have to apply under government schemes through the registration number of your company or firm. 

To take loan for small scale industries under government schemes, you can get the necessary information from your regional government bank branch.

Profits in Notebook Making Business-

In the notebook making business, the profit per notebook is at least 20 to 50%. On an average, the cost of manufacturing one notebook (25 to 50 pages) for writing purposes is Rs 7 to 15, which is sold in the retail market. Generally it is sold at the rate of Rs 15 to Rs 35 per notebook.


How many types of products can be made in a notebook manufacturing business?

Many types of daily use products are manufactured under the notebook manufacturing business. For example-

1. Notebook Making
2. Notepad Making
3. Letter-pad Making
4. Bill Book Making for local market
5. Making of Fancy Diaries (Fancy Dairy Making)
6. Visiting Card Making &
7. Plain Invitation Card Making

What other business can be done with notebook business?

Although one business is enough to earn good profits, but if it is a business related to the native business, then adopting it is a better option to increase profits.

Notebook manufacturing business along with packaging business is a great combination, and they also relate to each other. Besides, they can also be operated easily with less capital investment.

At the end-

If we talk about a business that runs from generation to generation, then notebook making business is a profitable business for generations, which makes this sentence completely meaningful. Along with this, any enterprise/business started by an aspiring entrepreneur or businessman with a phased strategy always continues for generations.

Our aim is to provide the best information to those interested candidates, entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders and businessmen who are willing to do notebook making business and are looking forward to their future in this business.

Note- Before starting any business, it is mandatory to do market research and consumption assessment. By doing this, it will become easier for you to face the risks and difficulties in business and you will also be able to manufacture your products well as per the demand in the market.

Hope you must have got important information about notebook making business/business, enterprise or business from this article on how to start a notebook making business, and also…

If anything is missing or you want to ask something, please do write in the comment box. If you liked the information given in the article, then do not forget to share it with your friends, social media and the needy… Till then- stay tune….


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