Business IdeasEnter Recycling Business with New Strategy | Recycling Business Ideas

Enter Recycling Business with New Strategy | Recycling Business Ideas

Recycling Business Ideas: Today, we humans are generating organic and inorganic waste very fast through many mediums. Naturally, we know that the waste generated by us is such a component, if not disposed of in a timely and proper manner, and then both the environment and the natural life of our planet Earth can be at risk. 

For the last several centuries, we humans have not only consumed resources from the earth , but have also searched for valuable elements from the earth and have also achieved success in making the means for our comfort and convenience. The life of the products made from the inventions created by us is very limited, due to which the same product is manufactured again and again.


In such a situation, old or out of use products are considered as waste, and due to increasing population today this waste is also increasing. The only effective and successful solution to deal with the increasing problem of organic and inorganic waste is to dispose of the waste properly or recycle it for re-use.

Today there are very few people who know that big money can be made from waste. And from here begins the positive concept of recycling business (GO GREEN and Waste to Wealth). But before getting into any kind of recycling business, it is necessary for the aspiring entrepreneur to pay attention to some special things and facts, because it serves as the foundation of your future.

And there is also a need to start recycle business at the present time because if the waste is not resolved or disposed from now, then the future of our future generation will be dark, for which we ourselves will be responsible. 

Recycling Business Opportunities-

In the present times, the importance of recycle business is increasing because today recycling business can be started in many ways. At present, we humans are consuming things/products at a very fast pace, due to which a large amount of waste/garbage is being generated. 

In such a situation, due to lack of adequate information, the waste generated is thrown or buried in such places, where it only works to pollute the earth’s environment. In such a situation, it is necessary to properly dispose of the waste generated by us; otherwise we are trying to endanger our existence by polluting our planet.

To deal with the possible threats/problems coming in the future, we need to develop such enterprises or businesses on a large scale, which can make better profits by applying limited cost, as well as there is never a shortage of raw materials for making products.

In such a situation, recycling business is the only such enterprise, which can do the work of beautifying our future. Also, there is no dearth of possibilities in recycle business or garbage recycle business.

Today many conscious entrepreneurs want to start their startup with waste recycling only, because they know that there is no dearth of recycling business opportunities after a little effort and good profits can be made in this business.

Recycling Business Plan-

To start any kind or type of recycling business and to make his business successful, the first step is to know and have deep knowledge about the desired recycle business ideas.

Starting a recycling business requires a thorough understanding of a few factors-

  1. Availability of raw materials (carts and vehicles to collect raw materials)
  2. Space required to set up business (collection center, sorting center and processing plant)
  3. Related Machinery and Employees
  4. Business Registration (Government and Local Body Registration)
  5. Usefulness of recycled products
  6. Demand in the market of business or product
  7. product marketing
  8. Estimating the cost of business considering all the above factors

Apart from all the factors suggested above, there are also some temporary variable factors which are also likely to change in the cost while starting the business.

Registration of Recycle Business-

If you want to start your startup in the field of recycling business, then it is necessary for you to follow all the guidelines and rules issued by the Government of India. 

To start a recycling business, it is mandatory to register with the standard certificates prescribed by the Government of India. These registrations are-

  1. Firm Registration
  2. MSME Registration (Enterprise Registration)
  3. Trade License
  4. GST No.
  5. NOC Certificate from Pollution Department & Fire Control Board

To start the recycling business, it is mandatory for the entrepreneur to open a bank account in the name of the firm after registering his firm.

Business Cost of Recycle Business-

Waste recycling business can be started easily with low cost at 02 levels; also the cost of business in waste recycling business also depends on the type of business.

Some waste recycling businesses use fewer machines, while others use only machines. In waste recycling business, the cost mainly depends on the selection of automatic machines, location, purchasing rate of raw materials and manpower.

Roughly 08 to 20 lakh rupees for small scale recycle business. At the same time, the cost of recycling business on a large scale can be around Rs 30 to 50 lakh. Apart from this, there is a possibility of increase in the cost of marketing or getting recycled products done.

Note- All the financial statements mentioned above may increase or decrease according to the type and production capacity of the enterprise.


Interested and newly emerging entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders and vendors should always keep these things in mind-

  • To assess the demand and consumption of the product in the market,
  • Paying attention to the price and availability of raw materials,
  • Identifying your competitor and finding its shortcomings
  • Creating a better strategy for your business.

Machinery Use in Recycle Business-

Generally, machinery related to business plays the most important role in most of the businesses. The help of machinery is taken to manufacture any kind of products on a large scale.

Before selecting machinery for any type of recycling business, it is important for the interested entrepreneur to assess the production capacity and consumption of raw materials and finished goods.

Generally, only 4 to 5 machines are used in most of the waste recycling business. Which are as follows…

  1. Scrap Crusher/Shredder Machine
  2. Dust Cleaner Machine
  3. washing machines
  4. baling machine
  5. weight machine

The machines mentioned above come in automatic and semi-automatic variants and of different capacities, and you should choose these machines only on the basis of the production efficiency of the business.

Personnel Required in Recycling Business-

Generally every recycling/recycling business or any other business on a large scale requires manpower or employees, if you want to start a large scale waste recycle business. So you need at least 08 to 12 manpower or employees. These employees can be managers, marketers, laborers, cleaners, etc.

Potential Customers of Recycle Business-

The product prepared from the recycle process is needed in many types of manufacturing units related to the field of daily use (B2C- Business to Customer), Recycle product made from waste material also comes under B2B (Business to Business) small scale industry. The demand/demand of daily use recycle products is also increasing day by day at daily level.

Due to the importance and usefulness of the recycle process, today the recycling business is flourishing in a good and better way because the products that are responsible for meeting the primary needs of the society today are always manufactured from the recycle process.

Profits in Recycle Business-

Possible profit of at least 25% and maximum of 55% can be made in recycling business very easily. Almost 50% of the profits are made from the recycling business of metals.

Apart from this, recycling old clothes, newspapers, waste paper, plastic waste comes under a simple process, which any interested entrepreneur can adopt to start his own enterprise/startup. Approximately Rs 03 to 05 thousand profit (after all deductions) can be made on 01 ton of waste material.

Apart from this, there are some recycle businesses which, if adopted by an interested entrepreneur, can yield huge profits in the future. This recycle business is a startup in itself. 

  1. E-Waste Recycling Business
  2. Cigarette Waste Recycling Business
  3. Rice Straw (Parali) Waste Recycle Business
  4. Flower Waste Recycle Business
  5. Gray Water Recycling 
  6. Tyre Waste Recycle Business

Today the demand for recycle business is increasing rapidly due to the increasing population, in the coming future as there will be a shortage of natural resources, due to which we will have to adopt recycling process to meet our needs.

In such a situation, when we have to recycle things, then why not make the recycling process a business, from which good profits can also be earned in the future. 

Recycle Business to be started with low cost (Low Investment Recycling Business)-

Our country India where there is no dearth of possibilities. Keeping this in mind, information about the most profitable top 15 recycling business ideas is being given here, which can be started even with small investment…

  1. Paper Recycling Business
  2. Plastic recycling business
  3. Cooking oil recycling business
  4. Fabric recycling business
  5. Printer Cartridge Refilling/Recycle Business
  6. Sawdust recycling business
  7. Waste collection and sorting center
  8. Medicine Wrapper Recycle Business
  9. Agricultural Waste/Organic Waste Recycle Business
  10. Battery Recycling Business
  11. Furniture recycle business
  12. Glass Recycle Business
  13. Scrap metal recycling business
  14. Packing Waste/Carton Box/Cardboard Recycling Business
  15. Hair recycle business

These are some such recycling businesses/enterprises, which can be started as a startup with low investment. Besides, the demand for these businesses is also increasing, due to which the aspiring entrepreneur is assured of profit in the initial phase of the business.


Look! Business is not an undertaking or a component that can be made profitable in one go, it is basically a step by step sequential process, in which steps are taken as per the market demand from time to time.

Loan and subsidy for starting recycle business-

To promote almost all the industries that recycle garbage or waste, the Government of India has provided easy loans to you through Make in India through Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan SchemePrime Minister Employment Generation Scheme (PMEGP)Skill Development Scheme etc. You can get subsidiary up to 35%. 

The amount of grant/subsidy may vary on the type of enterprise, production and cost of business. To take grant or loan or loan, you have to apply under government schemes from the registration number of your company or firm. 

You can get the necessary information from the branch of your local government bank to take loans for small scale industries under government schemes.

What are the types of recycling businesses?

Basically there are 03 types of recycling business-

1. Business of recycling organic waste
2. Business of recycling inorganic waste
3. Management of feacal sludge waste

Where to collect raw material in glass recycling business?

Generally, to get the raw material required for any type of recycling business, first contact the local scrap dealer. This is the most effective plan, in which raw material can be easily obtained with less effort.

At the end-

Our aim is to provide the best information to the interested candidates, businessmen, traders and businessmen who are interested in doing recycling business and are looking forward to their future in this business.

Note- Before starting any business, it is mandatory to do market/market research and consumption assessment. By doing this, you will be able to face the risks and problems in the business and you will also be able to manufacture your products well according to the demand in the market.

We hope that this article ‘Enter Recycling Business with a New Strategy’ must have given you an idea of ​​the importance of waste. If you have read the entire post, then next time you will definitely think before throwing valuable waste in the garbage. 

This post must have made you aware; in future perhaps you would like to adopt the field of recycling business. That’s all in today’s post… If anything is missing or you want to ask something, please write in the comment box. Till then keep connect us-

Thank you!


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