Coming out of big farm-barns, earning a good income by doing farming in very short space and less expenditure.

Today Mushroom farming has become a new source of income for young farmers.

Advanced Cultivation of Mushrooms

Mushroom required a dark room to germinating in rice/wheate straw, husk or sugarcane bagasse.

Advanced Cultivation of Mushrooms

The treatment is done by dissolving 10 grams of webistine and 5 ml formalin in 10 liters of water and spraying on paddy straw, husk or sugarcane bagasse.

After 16 hours, the treated straw is ready for mushroom cultivation by draining the excess water and drying it thoroughly.

For mushroom farming, 80 to 90% moisture is required, for better production, it is necessary to dry the husk sufficiently

At least 50 gm of mushroom seed/spawn in 1 kg treated husk is put in PP or polybag.

Scientific Mushroom farming

For germination, it is necessary to have a temperature of 28 to 38oC and the level of humidity 80-90% in a dark room for 2 to 3 weeks.

After about 3 days, the mushroom bag is filled with mushrooms, up to 1 kg of mushrooms can be taken by adding 50 grams of seeds.

When the length of the mushroom reaches 5 to 7 cm, it can be harvested and used for sale or use.

Mushroom farming is one of the most profitable agri-business....